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Film History, Unit 2

Stack #204865

Raided the independent studios that attempted to make films; equipment was smashed and employees were threatened. Motion Picture Patents Company (MPPC)
Led by Thomas Edison, several companies formed a trust Motion Picture Patents Company (MPPC)
Establish standards and create an internationally competitive motion picture industry. Motion Picture Patents Company (MPPC)
Forbid the use of actor's names in film credits. Motion Picture Patents Company (MPPC)
Directed Birth of a nation D. W. Griffith
Chronicled a part of U.S. history from pre-Civil War days through the Reconstruction Birth of a Nation
Griffith's second film Intolerance
Reason more and more films were shot in California Weather/Light
the year U.S. government finally acted to break up the trust under antimonopoly laws 1915
Hollywood was named after… Trees
A group of screenwriters and an actor who were famous for the attacks made on them by McCarthy The Hollywood 10
Charlie Chaplin was born in _______ on 16th April, 1889 London
In 1919 Chaplin joined with D.W. Griffith, Douglas Fairbanks and Mary Pickford to form United Artists
A company that enabled the stars to distribute their films without studio interference. United Artists
Chaplin signed cinema's first million-dollar contract when he signed with... First National
One of the most noteworthy films in the history of motion pictures, released in 1915 "Birth of a Nation"
Famous for introducing sophisticated film and storytelling techniques D.W. Griffith
Credited with being first movie star Florence Lawrence
Launched an aggressive anti-Communist witch-hunt in 1947 Senator McCarthy
Known as "America's Sweetheart" Mary Pickford
Famous CBS radio and TV newscaster who discredited McCarthy Edward R. Murrow
Hal Roach, Mack Sennett, and Laurel and Hardy First film comedy teams
the undisputed comic genius of silent comedy Charlie Chaplin
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