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Career Choices Ch. 4

privacy free from unwanted intrusion; seclusion
commitment a promise or pledge to do something
profile the amount which someone demonstrates traits through inventories or tests
widow a woman whose husband has died and who has not remarried
aristocrat a member of the aristocracy; a nobleman
affordability the point at which a person can manage to buy something
variable susceptible to changes; likely to vary
extensive far-reaching; comprehensive; thorough; wide; broad
liberal generous; ample; full
reallocate to designate or earmark again
poverty a shortage of the money or material possessions for comfortable living
conscious deliberate; purposeful
traits a characteristic or distinguishing quality
minimum the smallest amount possible
windfall an unexpected or unforeseen gain
arrogant overstating your own importance in a haughty way; egotistical
persistence determination, continue firmly, insistent
dividends a bonus or payoff
inducement to move by persuasion, to influence some action
interpretation explanation or definition
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