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Big Events

Events and Publications

1965 - Elementary and Secondary Education Act Title III Encouraging Libraries to Media Centers
1981 Education Consolidation and Improvement Act Block grants for school library/media centers for instructional equipment. Ended in 94-95.
1995 - Innovative Educational Programs Legislation 3 yr program of block grants for library media for innovative uses of technology.
1948 ALA bill of rights
1978 AECT Intellectual Freedom Act
1953 Freedom to read and review
1979 National Council of English Teachers - Students Right to Read Statement.
1983 - A Nation At Risk The report contributed to the ever-growing (and still present) sense that American schools are failing miserably, and it touched off a wave of local, state, and federal reform efforts.
1976 Copyright Fair use act
1984 Sony Vs. Universal Suits against teachers must prove market would be neg. affected by use of videotaped material (from TV).
1972 Censorship. NY In favor of removing of a book reasoning that its removal did not oppose or aid religion.
1976 Miarcini v. Strongsville City Ruled against removal of Catch 22 and 2 Kurt Vonnegut novels as a burden on the freedom of classroom discussion.
Massachusetts v Right to read Ordered the school board to put back a poetry book that had "objectionable and filthy language". Board has control over curriculum but NOT library collection.
1980's Zykan v. Warsaw Indiana Condemned the burning of books with literary merit.
1982 Supreme Court Island Tree vs. School board removed 9 books deemed "Anti-American, anti-Semitic, anti-christian and just plain filthy" 5-4 ruling ordered them back.
Information Power Various edition published by the AASL and AECT.
Ashcroft vs free speech c Children Pornography Act expansion. Invalidated CIPA.
CPPA included the "virtual child". (Child Pornography Protection Act) Unconstitutional to consider a virtual child real.
COPA Child on-line Protection Act.
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