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Europol 5.2

Section 5

In 2007 how many suspects were arrested for Islamist terrorist offenses? How many in 2006? 201; 257
Who had a 34% decrease in arrested suspects from 2006? France
25% of all suspects were arrested for what? Offenses relating to Islamist terrorism
In 2006 how many member states reported arrests? 2007? 9; 14
Where did the majority of arrests take place? France, Spain, and Italy
Where did the majority of the arrested come from? North African countries, such as Algeria, Morocco, and Tunisia
Who reported a high number of people from their nation? France
In Austria, Bulgaria, Belgium, and Germany where did the majority of the arrested have citizenship to? The country of arrest
Home-grown terrorists may be what? Increasing
In 2007 the number of arrests in the UK increased by how much? 30%
What does GICM stand for? Moroccan Islamic Combatant Group
In 2007 how many woman were arrested for Islamist terrorist offences? 15
What is a new category for Islamist terrorism? Propaganda
Almost half (43%) of the suspects arrested in 2007 were arrested for what? Membership of a terrorist organisation
13% of the arrested were arrested for what? Attack-related offences such as planning, preparing and/or executing an attack.
Where did the arrests of attack-related offences take place? Austria, Cyprus, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and Spain
The average age of the arrested suspects was what? 33
Two thirds of the arrested were between what ages? 23 and 43
Arrested suspects between the ages of 31 and 40 were linked to what? Financing of terrorism and handling of flase documents to a greater degree than those under 30
Suspects between the ages of 17 and 30 were more frequently linked with what? Activities such as recruitment and facilitation
All suspects arrested in relation to the publication and spreading of propaganda were under the age of what? 31
The vast majority of suspects arrested for an offence relating to an attack were between the ages of what? 26 and 30
Suspects arrested for offences relating to training were mainly found between the ages of what? 41 and 50
The vast majority of those arrested for recruitment were suspected of recruitment for what? Jihad in Iraq
Created by: CSIBones
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