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Europol 5.1

Section 5

Netherlands, Portugal, and Spain reported what? That the general threat of an attack by Islamist terrorists on their territory increased in 2007.
In France and Italy the threat of terrorists on their territory did what? Remained high
What has the UK estimated the risk of an attack as being? Highly likely
What does AQIM stand for? Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb
Due to what, do Italian authorities estimate they face the risk of terrorists linked to AQIM attempting to enter the EU via Italy? Their geographical proximity to the Maghreb
In 2007, Europe saw how many failed and attempted Islamist terrorist attacks? Four
Who experienced two failed terrorist attacks? The UK
What two countries reported one attempted attack each? Denmark and Germany
What does IEDs stand for? Improvised explosive devices
Where was a burning car loaded with gas cylinders driven into? The Arrivals Terminal at Glasgow International airport
Where did an attempt attack in a night club take place? London
What does IJU stand for? Islamic Jihad Union
What does IMU stand for? Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan
Where does IJU originate? Who founded it? Uzbekistan; founded in March 2002 by former member of IMU
IJU claimed responsibility for the attempted in Germany, naming what as their intended targets? US Air Base at Ramstein and the US and Uzbek consulates-general in Germany
What was the aim of IJU's attempted attack in Germany? To force the closure of the German Air Base at Termez in Uzbekistan
What does TATP stand for? Tricycloacetone Triperoxide
On September 4 2007, Danish police arrested eight people suspected of planning an attack in Denmark in the so-called what? Glasvej case
Created by: CSIBones
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