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medical science # 5

Integumentary system

what kind epithelium is epidermis? epidermis is stratified squamous epithelium.
is epidermis is vascular or avascular is avascular
thick skin layer in the epidermis how many and where they are found thick skin has 5 layers and found in palm of and sole of feet
thin skin layer, how many and where htey found thin layer has 4 layer and found in the rest of the body
what separate the epidermis from the dermis the basement membrane
what other name for epidermis and dermis epidermis is epithelial and dermis is connective tissue
what other name for subcatenous layer hypodermis
what other name for integument system and what is composed with. cutaneous membrane or skin composed of epidermis also epithelial and the dermis also the connective tissue
how many layers has epidermis and listed them epidermis has 5 layers: stratum germinativum, spinosum, granulosum, lucidium and corneum
in which layer germative cell or stem cell are located and what they're doing stem cell are located in the stratum germanativum and they are regenerate and grow
what stratum germinativum contain and what they syntasize it contains melanocytes which syntesize melanin
accessory structure what are they? hair, nail,and exocrine gland
what make fingerprint and where they extend to epidermal ridge which extend to the dermis or connective tissue and dermal papillae which extend in the epidermis or epithelial tissue
intermediate stata, in which layer division stop and produce what division stop in stratum granulosum and pruduve keratin which is dead cell
what form hair and nails keratin
which strata found only in the sole of the feet of the hand stratum lucidium
which strata are most superficial stratun corneum
what make skin color combination of epidermal pigmentation and dermal blood supply
what make and store melanin and where it is placed melanocyte and place it in the stratum germinativum
is the amount of melanocytes activity differ skin color skin color differ in the melanocyte activity, not the amount of it
what is albinism albinism have the same amount of melanocytes, they do not produce melanin
when vessel_________,the skin become________, when vessel_________, the skin become_______. dilate, red, constrict, pale.
when skin turn what does it call and why it call cyanosis due lack of oxygen
which strata skin cancer comes from comes from stratum germinativum
how many layer the dermis have and what are they? the dermis has 2 layers: papillary ( superficial, epidermis) and reticular deepest layer, dermis,connective)
what 2 things papillary contains? papillary contains capillaries and nerves to supply epidermis
Dense interwoven connective tissue is what? reticular layer
no vital organ, subcutaneous injection, many fat cell hypodermis or subcutaneous layer
arrector pilli muscle that pull on hair cause goose bump
what two type of exocrine gland sebaceous and sweat
what secrete oil into hair follicle or directly in skin sebaceous
what two type of sweat gland call apocrine and merocrine
secrete product into armpit,goin nipple are? apocrine
sweat in hand or sole call merocrine
dense mass of keratinized cell call nail body
area of epidermis covered by nail body call nail bed
stratun corneum fold over the nail call cuticle
part of the nail below the cuticle which color white call lunula
what 4 the step of in injury and repair step 1 bleeding, 2 scab, 3 clot, 4 scar
thickened area of scar tissue call keloid
what happen in first degree burn kill superficial cell of epidermis, injury deep layer of epidermis and papillary dermis, inflamed, tender
what happen 2nd degree burn kill epidermis, injury reticular layer of dermis, blister, painful
what happen in 3rd degree burn kill all epidermis and dermis, injury hypodermis and deeper structure, charred no sensation.
open wound break in epithelium
closed wound affect internal tissue
excessive production of keratin?corn and calluses hyperkeratosis
hyperkeratosis in specific area call psoriasis
dry skin xerosis
irrigation itching sensation pruritis
localized shedding of epithelium ulcer
when liver is unable to excrete bile is jaundice
loss of melanocytes call vitiligo
producing a red appereance in skin erythema
inflammation in the skin dermatitis
hives call urticaria
visible sign of acne, whitehead and blackhead comedos
reulting of scraping against a solid object is abrasion
lining cut by a sharp object incision
jagged irregular tear is laceration
result of pointed object penetrating epithelium puncture
chunk of tissue are torn by force or traume is avulsion
bleeding in the dermis contusion or bruise
bacteria infection 9 rotting) leadind cause in burn victim sepsis
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