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Pharmacopoeia II

Ch 12 Herbs that tonify

Ren Shen *** "man root" (ginseng root) Powerfully tonifies the primal Qi (STRONG for emergencies); strengthens SP/ST, LU, augments Qi; Generates fluids, stops thirst; Benefits HT Qi, calms spirit NOT w/EPF, constraint or empty heat, other stimulants
Dang Shen *** "Group root" (codonopsis root) Tonifies middle jiao, augments Qi (diarrhea, low appetite, fatigue, prolapse); Tonifies LU; for late febrile Dz or blood xu; Also w/herbs to release exterior or drain downward when Pt has significant Qi xu
Huang Qi *** "Yellow herb" (Astragalus root) Tonifies Qi and blood; Tonifies SP, raises yang; Augments Wei Qi, stabilizes the exterior; promotes urination to reduce edema; promotes discharge of pus and generates flesh; also for DM, limb neuropathy, Bi NOT w/toxic heat sores
Shan Yao *** "Mountain herb" (Chinese yam) Tonifies and augments Qi of SP/ST; Tonifies the LU Qi, augments LU yin; Tonifies the KD, and secures the essence A food, may be taken in large doses. NOT w/damp causing fullness of abdomen
Bai Zhu *** (White atractylodes rhizome) Tonifies the SP Qi (PRIMARY HERB!), augments Qi; Dries dampness, promotes water metabolism; Stabilizes the exterior and stops sweating; Calms the fetus NOT w/internal heat from yin xu or thirst from exhausted
Da Zao *** (Jujube, chinese date) Tonifies the SP, augments Qi, harmonizes; Nourishes the blood and calms the spirit, generates fluids; Moderates and harmonizes the harsh properties of other herbs NOT w/excess heat, DH, phlegm-H. Caution with lots of damp or qi stagnation
Gan Cao *** "sweet herb" (Licorice root) All 12 channels Tonifies SP, augments qi; Moistens the LU, stops coughs; Moderates spasms, alleviates pain; Clears heat & toxicity; Moderates & harmonizes other herbs (1# Fx) NOT w/distention, fullness of chest and abdomen, or vomiting excess dampness
Shu Di Huang *** "Cooked Earth Yellow" (cooked Chinese foxglove/rehmannia root) Tonifies the blood; Strongly enriches the yin and relieves wasting and thirsting d/o; Nourishes the blood, tonifies the essence and marrow VERY cloying/rich readily leads to stagnation, NOT in those w/qi stag or profuse phlegm
Zhi He Shou Wu *** "Processed Black Haired Mr. He" (processed flowery knotweed root) Nourishes the blood, tonifies LV & KD, augments the essence (to preserve essence); Expels W from skin by nourishing blood NOT in Pt w/loose stools or significant dampness/phlegm. Caution with source of herb, improper processing may damage LV
(Sheng) He Shou Wu *** "Fresh Black haired Mr. He" (flowery knotweed root) (tonify blood) Moistens the intestines, unblocks the bowels (for dryness from blood xu); Relieves fire toxicity; Checks malarial d/o (not a common action)
Dang Gui *** "Should come back" (angelica sinensis root) Tonifies the blood, regulates the menses; Invigorates and harmonizes the blood, disperses cold; Moistens the intestines and unblocks the bowels; Reduces swelling, expels pus, generates flesh, and alleviates pain; treats cough
Bai Shao *** (White peony) Nourishes the blood, regulates menses; SOFTENS the LV, for yang rising and alleviates pain (most common Fx. for cramps/spasms in hands and feet, for HA and dizziness); Preserves the yin and adjusts the Ying and Wei Qi levels
E Jiao *** (donkey hide gelatin) Tonifies blood & stops bleeding (dizziness, palpitations, coughing blood, blood in stool, uterine bleeding); Nourishes and moistens the yin (for insomnia and irritability) ANIMAL product, decoct separately. Heavy, cloying so NOT for SP/ST xu
Gou Qi (Zi) *** (Lycium fruit, chinese wolfberry, Goji berries) (tonify blood) Nourishes LV and KD; Benefits the essence and brightens the eyes; Enriches the yin and moistens the LU Caution w/SP and ST xu, although not so greasy or cloying
Lu Rong *** "Deer velvet" (fuzz from spring antlers) Tonifies the KD, fortifies Yang (STRONGLY); Warms the yang, regulates Chong & Ren Mai, stabilizes Dai Mai; Tonifies Du Mai, augments essence, qi & blood, strengthens sinews/bones NOT w/interior heat from yin/blood xu, blood, ST or LU heat, or EPF heat
Rou Cong Rong *** "Meat of Cong Rong" (fleshy stem of broomrape) Tonifies the KD yang, augments the essence and blood; Moistens the Intestines and facilitates passages of stool (moderate, not drying) NOT w/diarrhea from ST/SP xu, or yin xu/heat signs
Yin Yang Huo *** (also called Xian Ling Pi) (aerial parts of epimedium, Horny goat weed) Tonifies the KD, yang, and Mingmen (used for male impotence and infertility); Dispels W-C-D and warms and unblocks the flow of yang Qi (for Bi) NOT w/xu fire, prolonged use will injure yin
Ba Ji Tian *** "Ba's Sky lance" (Morinda Root) Tonifies the KD and fortifies yang (without being overly drying), augments essence; Disperses WD and strengthens the sinews and bones (for Bi, esp WCD) NOT in Pt w/damp or yin xu heat, or urinary difficulty
Bu Gu Zhi *** "Tonify bone resin" (Psoralea fruit) Tonifies the KD, fortifies yang, stabilizes essence and secures urine, aids KD in grasping Qi; Tonifies and warms SP yang, stops diarrhea; topically for vitiligo NOT w/yin xu heat or constipation, CAUTION w/ST xu
Yi Zhi Ren *** "Benefit intelligence kernel" (Alpinia fruit, black cardamon) Warms KD, retains essence, and secures the urine; Warms SP, stops diarrhea, and controls salivation NOT w/lower jiao heat problems, esp from yin xu
Xian Mao *** "immortal/fairy grass" (Curculigo, golden eye-grass rhizome) Tonifies KD, fortifies yang, vigorously warms MIngMen; Expels cold and eliminates dampness NOT with yin xu + heat, not longterm use
Du Zhong *** (Eucommia bark) (tonify yang) Tonifies LV and KD, strengthens sinews and bones; Aids in smooth flow of Qi and blood; Calms fetus (for threatened miscarriage); Recently for dizziness and light-headedness NOT w/heat from yin xu (but relatively more mild)
Xu Duan *** "Reconnect what is broken" (Dipsacus, Japanese teasel root) (tonify yang) Tonifies LV and KD (w/out stagnation), strengthens/reconnects sinews and bones, promotes movement of the blood, alleviates pain, reduces swelling; Calms the fetus, stops leakage NOT w/WDH Bi
Gu Sui Bu *** "Mender or shattered bones" (Drynaria rhizome) Tonifies KD (yang) and strengthens bones; Promotes mending of sinews and bones; Stimulates the growth of hair; Directs floating yang downward (tinnitus, diminished hearing, loose teeth, painful gums) NOT w/yin xu or in absence of blood stasis
Tu Si Zi *** "spitting silk seeds" (Cuscuta, Chinese dodder seeds) Tonifies yang, augments yin, secures essence and the urine; Tonifies KD and LV, improves vision; Benefits SP and KD, stops diarrhea; Calms the fetus NOT with fire from yin xu, but not cloying
(Bei) Sha Shen *** "North Sand Ginseng" (Glehnia root) Nourishes LU yin, clears LU heat; Nourishes ST yin, generates fluids NOT w/cough d/t WC or internal cold from LU/ST xu
Xi Yang Shen*** "Western Ocean Root" (American ginseng root) Nourishes yin, generates fluids, tonifies Qi, clears fire from deficiency; Nurtures LU yin, clears LU fire NOT w/cold dampness obstructing middle, or stagnation fire
Mai (Men) Dong *** "luxuriant winter" (Ophiopogon tuber) Moistens the LU, nourishes yin; Augments ST yin, generates fluids; Moistens Intestines; Clears the HT, eliminates IRRITABILITY NOT w/loose stools from SP xu, phlegm or mucus in LU/ST, or early WC coughs.
Tian (Men) Dong *** "Heavenly gate winter" (asparagus tuber) Nourishes the KD yin, clears LU heat; Moistens LU, nourishes KD, generates fluids NOT w/diarrhea from xu or cold
Shi Hu *** "Bushel (goblet) of Stone" (Dendrobium) Nourishes the yin (KD!), clears heat (like from deficiency), generates fluids; Tonifies the KD, augments essence, and brightens vision NOT in early stages warm EPF. Caution w/loose stools or thick greasy T d/t SP xu
Yu Zhu *** "Jade bamboo" (scented Solomon's seal rhizome, polygonatum) Nourishes yin and moistens dryness (LU/ST yin, w/out being cloying, can be used even in presence of EPF); Extinguishes wind, softens, moistens the sinews NOT w/SP/ST xu, internal phlegm-damp, or loose stools d/t cold.
Mo Han Lian *** "Dark dye dry lotus" (Eclipta) Nourishes and tonifies LV and KD yin (for premature greying); Cools the blood, stops bleeding NOT w/SP and ST cold xu
Nu Zhen Zi *** "Persistent female seed" (Privet fruit, Ligustrum) Nourishes (yin) and tonifies the LV and KD; Clears xu heat; Improves vision; tonifies w/out cloying NOT w/diarrhea from SP/ST cold from deficiency
Gui Ban *** "Turtle shell" (terrapin shell) Nourishes yin, anchors yang; Benefits KD, strengthens bones; Nourishes blood, enriches yin, stabilizes Chong & Ren Mai; Cools blood & stops uterine bleeding; Tonifies HT&blood; also for non healing sores and ulcers NOT during pregnancy or w/CD of ST
Bie Jia *** (Chinese soft-seller turtle shell) Nourishes the yin, anchors yang; INVIGORATES blood, promotes menstruation, dissipates nodules; Strong anchoring/descending action, unblocks and facilitates functions of blood vessels NOT during pregnancy or w/cold from SP/ST xu
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