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chapter 7 and 8

province a politicial unit
dominion of canada the loose confederation of ontario,quebec,ect
confederation a politicial union
parlimary government a system where legislative and executive functions are combined
parliment a representative lawnmaking body whose members are elected
prime minister the head of a government
first nations a group of canadas native american people.
metis a person of mixed french canadian ancestery
reserve public land set aside for native people
atlantic provinces the provinces in eastern canada prince edward island
quebec one of canada's core provinces
ontario one of canada's core provinces
prairie provinces the province west of and quebec
british columbia canadas westrnmost province
nunavut one of canada's territories.
terrosim the use of violence against invalidals for hte purpose of intimidating.
global network a world wide interconnection group
coaltion an allience
biological weapon a bacteririum or virus that can be used to harm people.
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