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Chapter 7 & 8

Province Or political units
Dominion of Canada thye loose confederation of Ontario( Upper Canada), Quebec (lower Canada), Nova Scotia and new brunswick, created by the british North America Act in 1867
Confederation Political unions
Parliamentary Government a system in which legislatures executive functions are combined in a legislature called this.
Prime Minister head of government
First Nations Canada's Native American people now known as the
Metis people of mixed French and native heritage
Reserve Public land set aside for them by the government
Atlantic Provinces Prince Edwards Island, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Newfoundland and Labrador.
Quebec one of Canada core Provinces
Ontario one of Canada core Provinces
Prairie Provinces Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta
British Columbia Canada westernmost province, located within Rocky mountain range
Nunavut One of Canada's territories and home to many Canada's immunity; it was carved out of the eastern half of the Northwestern territories.
Terrorism Is the unlawful use of, or threatened use of, force or violence against an individuals or property for the purpose of intimidating or causing fear for political or social ends.
Global network worldwide interconnected group
Coalition or an alliance
Biological Weapon refer to bacteria and viruses that can be harmed or kill people, animals, or plants.
Urban Sprawl poorly planned development that spreads a city's population over a wider and wider geographical area
In-fracture the basic support system needed to keep an economy going including power, communications, transportation,water, sanitation, and education systems
Smart Growth which is the effecient use and conservation of land and other resources.
Sustainable Community communities where resistance could live and work.
paralament a ernest government in canada
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