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Parenting & CD

Physical Development And Birth Till One

What is INFANCY? The period between birth and one year.
What is GROWTH? The change in size, such as weight and length.
What is DEVELOPMENT? The changes in physical, emotional, social or intellectual skills.
What is HEAD to FOOT? Babies develop control of the head and neck muscles first, control of muscles move down baby to end with legs and feet.
What is NEAR to FAR? Development begins at the trunk of the body and moves outward to hands and fingers.
What is SIMPLE to COMPLEX? Large muscle development takes place first leading to more fine muscle and complex abilities later.
What is WEIGHT? The amount of body mass a baby has; the infant gains one to two pounds per month in the first six months, then slows to one pound. Baby should weigh about 22 pounds at the end of the year.
What is LENGTH? The height of baby but measured laying down.
What is BODY SHAPE? How the baby looks. (start out curved and wants to lay in ball shape) Large head and Torso
What is PROPORTION? Size relationship between different parts of the body. Large head, skinny arms.
What is VISION? The ability to see, which for infants is blurry at birth but within a week or so, the infant is aware of surroundings. 1 month- see 3 feet away. 6 months- baby sees like an adult.
What is HEARING? The perception of sound, made possible by vibratory changes in air pressure on the ear drum. Develops in the womb. The baby respond to the mother voice.
What is TOUCH? To put a part of the body, especially the fingertips, in contact with something so as to feel it. Babies need to be touched frequently.
What is SMELL? To detect or recognize something by means of sensitive nerves in the nose. They can distinguish mom by smell.
What is TASTE? A small quantity of something eaten, drunk, or sampled to asses its effect on the sensory receptors on the surface of the tongue or in the mouth. Within 2 weeks they can distinguish between water, sour, sweet, sugar, salt, milk, etc. But prefer sweet.
What is VOICE? The sound produced by using the vocal organs, especially the sounds used in speech. At first their voice is a shrill, but then softens as lungs mature.
What is REFLEXES? Occurring automatically and involuntarily as a result of the nervous system's reaction to a stimulus.
What is GROSS MOTOR SKILLS? Large muscles.. (legs, shoulders, arms, trunk)
What is FINE MOTOR SKILLS? Small muscles.. (fingers, toes)
What is the GRASPING REFLEX? To take hold of somebody or something firmly, especially with the hand.
What is the ROOTING REFLEX? A reflex when touched on the cheek, the infant turns the head looking for food.
What is the STARTLE REFLEX? When baby's position changes quickly. Loud noises=arms reach out.
What is the BABINSKI REFLEX? The baby's foot is stroked and toes fan out and foot twist in.
What is the SUCKING REFLEX? When something is out in baby's mouth.
What is HANDLING? The need to be held a lot! Builds emotional bond, feeding, diaper change, dressing, and hugging. Need to hold them properly.
What is FEEDING? This causes the baby to grow and develop. Baby interacts with others. The nurturing is almost as important as the food.
What is TEETH CARE? The development of babies teeth begin about the 6th week of pregnancy. But doesn't break through till about 6 months. Baby's begin to teeth when teeth come in.
What is BATHING? Until about 3 weeks or when naval heals baby should be given sponge bath. Before using a regular tub baby should be able to sit up alone.
What is DRESSING? Babies loose body heat faster than others. It is recommended that you dress them in 1 more layer than other kids or adults.
What is DIAPERING? When you change a babies diaper. Very young babies may need changed 12-15 times a day. A chance for positive interaction by talking and laughing with the baby.
What is SLEEPING? Should be a relaxing and pleasant experience. Babies need a bed time routine, and need to lay on their back. NB-16, 3Month-14-15, 4Month- 12-14, 6Month- 12-14, 1Year- 12 hours of sleep.
What is MEDICAL CARE? The selection of a doctor to administer healthcare. Make sure the child has a pediatrician.
What is a WELLNESS CHECKUP? Regular checkups with with doctor. Usually starts about a day within birth. Doctor does a thorough check of the newborn. Usually scheduled at 1 moth, 2 month, 4 month, 6 month, 9 month, and 12 month. Track babies growth and development.
Created by: hdrhannah