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Unit 17 / 8th Grade

endeavor A major effort or attempt.
playwright A person who writes plays; a dramatist.
minuscule Very small; tiny.
prominent Highly noticeable; readily evident; conspicuous.Well-known; leading; eminent.
consequence Something that follows from an action or condition.
pageant A play or dramatic spectacle usually based on an event in history.
hypocrite A person who expresses feelings or beliefs that he or she does not actually hold; one who shows insincerity; a phony.
metaphor A figure of speech that compares two unlike things by stating or implying that one thing is the other. Ex: a blanket of fog
susceptible Easily influenced or impressed; sensitive to suggestions; vulnerable.
adjourn To bring (a meeting or session) to an official end, putting off further business until later
extraordinary Very unusual; exceptional; remarkable.
campaign Organized activity to attain a political, social, or commercial goal.
enthusiastic Showing or having great interest, excitement, or admiration; eager.
pneumonia Any of several usually serious diseases, caused by bacteria, viruses, chemicals, or irritation, in which the lungs become inflamed.
melancholy An atmosphere of sorrow or sadness; a pervasive gloom.
outrageous Exceeding all bounds of what is right or proper; shocking.
unanimous Sharing the same opinion.Based on complete agreement.
wretched Full of or attended by misery or woe.Hateful or contemptible.
rhetoric Affected or exaggerated writing or speech.The art of using words effectively.
siege The surrounding and blockading of a town or fortress by an army bent on capturing it.
propaganda Ideas, information, or other material distributed for the purpose of persuading people to follow a set of beliefs, often without regard to truth or fairness.
khaki A yellowish brown.
subtle So slight as to be difficult to detect or analyze; elusive.Not immediately obvious.
flourish To grow well; thrive.To succeed; prosper.
tragedy A serious play that ends with great misfortune or ruin for the main character(s).A very sad or tragic event; a disaster.
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