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Ch.4 Lessons in law

Criminal Law and Procedural

Probable Cause A reasonable ground for belief
Defense legal position taken by an accused to defeat the charges against him or her.
Procedural defenses Based on problems with the way evidence is obtained or the way an accused person is arrested.
Substantive defenses They disprove justify or excuse the alleged crime.
Self Defense the use of force that appears to be reasonably necessary to the victim to prevent serious harm.
Immunity freedom from prosecution even when one has committed the crime charged.
Contempt of court action that hinders the administration of justice.
Punishment Any penalty provided by law and imposed by a court.
Plea bargain pleading guilty to a less serious crime in exchange for have a more serious crime dropped.
Indictment a written accusation declaring that there is sufficient evidence to try the identified individual for a specified crime.
Arraignment Proceeding shortly after a person's arrest.
Preliminary hearing hearing when evidence against the defendant is presented.
Bail Sum of money or property deposited or pledged to guarantee that the arrested person will appear for a preliminary hearing or trial.
Subpoena command to an individual to appear in court.
voir dire preliminary exam of potential jurors.
Verdict the decision of a judge or jury.
Crime an action or omission that constitutes an offense that may be prosecuted by the state and is punishable by law
Vicarious Criminal Liability in some situations , the officer will be held criminally liable under the doctrine.
Felony a crime, typically one involving violence, regarded as more serious than a misdemeanor
Misdemeanor a minor wrongdoing
White-Collar Crimes Refers to financially motivated nonviolent crime committed by business & government professionals.
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