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LD Nat Hazards #1

LD Natural Hazards - Hurricanes

What is a Natural Hazard? A natural process or event that is a potential threat to humane life and property
What is a Disaster? A hazardous event that occurs over a limited time span in a definite area.
What is a catastrophe? A massive disaster that requires significant expenditures of money and a long time for recovery to take place.
What is mitigation? The reduction of hazardous effects
Define a cyclone. A hurricane in the Indian Ocean
Where are the hurricanes located? Atlantic Ocean, Indian Ocean and Pacific Ocean
What is a tropical depression? An organized area of low pressure in which sustained winds are 38 mph or less.
What is a tropical storm? A tropical cyclone with maximum sustained wind speeds that range from 39 to 73 mph
How many hurricane categories are there? Five
What is the name of the scale? Saffir-Simpson
When is hurricane season? June 1st to November 30th
How are hurricanes named? 1 of 6 alphabetical list alternating between boy and girl names
What do they do to name if the hurricane is really bad like Hurricane Katrina? They retire the name
What is a Hurricane Watch? Possible that a hurricane will hit in 36 hours
What is a Hurricane Warning? A hurricane will hit within 24 hours
What effect causes cyclones to spin in opposite directions in Northern and Southern hemispheres? Coriolis effect
What direction do hurricanes spin? Clockwise (CW) in South and Counter-Clock wise (CCW) in North
What is the calmest part of a hurricane? The eye
What is a Hurricane? A tropical cyclone with sustained winds of at least 74 mph
What is a category 1 hurricane? 74 to 95 mph winds, 4 to 5 feet storm surge with minimal damage
What is a category 2 hurricane? 96 to 110 mph winds, 6 to 8 feet storm surge with moderate damage
What is a category 3 hurricane? 111 to 130 mph winds, 9 to 12 feet storm surge with extensive damage
What is a category 4 hurricane? 131 to 155 mph winds, 13 to 18 feet storm surge with extreme damage
What is a category 5 hurricane? > 155 mph winds, > 18 feet storm surge with catastrophic damage
Coastline Area where the ocean meets the shore
Evacuate To be forced to leave a home because of danger
Levee A wall or embankment that holds ocean water away from a city
Hurricane Hunter A pilot who flies airplanes through hurricanes to measure the wind speed
Tropical Depression An area of swirling thunderstorms over the ocean with wind speeds between 23 and 39 miles per hour
Equator An imaginary line around the center of the Earth
Tornado A spinning storm that is less than one mile wide, with swirling winds that can reach over 300 miles per hour
Dissipate To break apart and reduce in strength
What category was Hurricane Katrina? Category 5 and was the most costly and most deadly hurricane in the history of the US
What hurricane was the second costliest hurricane in US history? Hurricane Sandy
What is the order of evolution of a hurricane? Tropical Disturbance, Tropical Depression, Tropical Storm & Hurricane
What happens when a hurricane it moves over land or cold water? It weakens
What is a hurricane called when it occurs in the Pacific Ocean? Typhoon
What is a hurricane called when it occurs in the Indian Ocean? Cyclone
Storm Surge The push of water by hurricane winds
Created by: desilva13