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Electricity: P.S.

Study cards for Physical Science: Electricity

What is electrical current measured in? Amperes
What is the most used outlet voltage in America? 120 Volts
What is a material called when it lets electrons flow easily through it? A Conductor
What is a material called when it lets electrons flow slowly through it? A Insulator
What is an electric field? A area around an electron that controls the force pushed on other electric charges.
What is static electricity? A accumulation of extra electric charge on a object.
What are fuses for? They prevent circuits from overheating.
Electrical power is measured in: Watts
What is the equation for power? P=IV
Batteries are what kind of circuit? A Series Circuit
Ohm's Law states: The current in a system equals the voltage difference divided by the resistance.
What are amperes abbreviated as? A
What are volts abbreviated as? V
What is the equation for electrical current? I=V/R
Is wood an insulator? Yes, wood is an insulator.
What is a dry-cell battery? A cell that has two electrodes surrounded by an electrolyte.
What is a wet-cell battery? A cell that has two connected plates made of different metals or metallic compounds in an electrolyte.
Resistance is: A tendency to slow the flow of electrons and to convert electrical energy into different types of energy.
A voltage difference is: Related to the force that causes electrical charges to flow.
What is thunder? It is when the electrical energy inside of a lightning bolt rips off electron atoms in the atmosphere, creating sound waves and heat.
Do the same charged electrons attract or repel? Repel.
Created by: 19krakyl