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Common Pharmacy Abbr

These must be memorized (mandatory)

What does SIG mean? Rx Directions
What does QID mean? FOUR A DAY
What does qH mean? every hour
What does qHS mean? EVERY BEDTIME
What does qOD mean? EVERY OTHER DAY
What does qWK mean? EVERY WEEK
What does qMO mean? EVERY MONTH
What does Apothecary mean? Latin term for pharmacist
What does AC mean? BEFORE A MEAL
What does PC mean? AFTER A MEAL
What does HS mean? AT BEDTIME
What does PRN mean? AS NEEDED
What does UD mean? AS DIRECTED
What does AA mean? OF EACH
What does c mean? With
What does SS mean? Half
What does UNG mean? Ointment
What does SOLN mean? Solution
What does Amp mean? Ampule
What does PR mean? Rectally
What does PV mean? Vaginally
What does STAT mean? Immediately
What does BID mean? 2X /Day
What does TID mean? 3X /Day
What does QID mean? 4X /Day
What does QAM mean? Every A.M.
What does QPM mean? Every P.M.
What does OU mean? Both Eyes
What does OD mean? Right Eye
What does OS mean? Left Eye
What does AU mean? Both Ears
What does AD mean? Right Ear
What does AS mean? Left Ear
What does PO mean? Per Oral or by mouth
What does IV mean? Intravenously
What does IM mean? Intramuscular
What does INJ mean? Injection
What does SQ mean? Subcutaneous
What does SL mean? Sub-lingual
What does SUPP mean? Suppository
What does TAB mean? Tablet
What does CAP mean? Capsule
What does SUSP mean? suspension
What does NG mean? Naso-gastric
What does GTT mean? Drop
What does DR mean? Dram
What does mL mean? Milliliter
What does TSP mean? Teaspoon
What does TBL mean? Tablespoon
What does OZ mean? Ounce
What does L mean? Litre or liter
What does Gal mean? Gallon
What does Mcg mean? Microgram
What does Gr mean? Grain
What does mG mean? Milligram
What does GM mean? Gram
What does KG mean? Kilogram
What dose cc mean? mm
What dose mm mean? cc
What is 1 teaspoon (tsp) equal to ___ mL? 5 mL
What is 1 (tbsp) equal ___ tsp? 3 tsp
What is 1(fl oz) equal to ____ tbsp? 2 tbsp
What is 1 cup (oz) equal to? 8 fl oz
What is 1 (pt) equal to ___ cups or ____ oz.? 2 cups or 16oz.
What is 1 (qt) equal to ____ pts? 2 pts
How many quarts in 1 gal? 4 qt
What is 1-lb equal to ____ oz? 16 oz
What is 1 fl-dr equal to ___ tsp? 1 tsp
1 oz. = ___mL a. 1 mL b. 5 ml c. 30 mL d. 30 g c. 30 mL
1 tsp = __mL a.15 mL b. 5 mL c. 1 mg d. 1 mL b. 5 mL
1 pt = __mL a. 480 ml b. 30 mL c. 3840 mL d. 15 mL a. 480
4 qt = ___gal a. 1 ml b. 1 g c. 1 L d. 1 gal d. 1 gal
1 lb. = ___g a. 15 ml b. 1 g c. 30 g d. 454 g d. 454 g
16 oz. = ___pt a. 1 g b. 1 qt c. 1 kg d. 1 pt d. 1 pt
3 tsp = ___tbsp a. 1 lb. b. 1 tbsp c. 1 mg d. 6 tsp b. 1 tbsp
1000 mg = ___g a. 1 L b. 1 mg c. 1 kg d. 1 g d. 1 g
1000 g = ____kg a. 1 ml b. 1 mg c. 1 kg d. 1 g c. 1 kg
1000 mL = ___L a.1 mL b. 1 g c. 1 lb. c 1 L 1 L
1 oz. = ___g b. 30 g
1 cc = ___mL a. 1 mL
1000 mcg = ___mg c.1 mg
2 pt = ___qt c.1 qt
2 tbsp = ___oz. d. 1 oz.
1 oz. = ___g a. 30 ml b.1 g c. 30 g d. 454 g c. 30 g
1 oz. = ___tsp a. 1 tbsp b. 6 tsp c. 1 gal d. 1 qt b. 6 tsp
4 qt = ___gal a.1 L b. 1 gal c.1 g d. 1 ml b. 1 gal
1000 mL = ___L a. 1 g b. 1 L c. 1 lb. d. 1 ml b. 1 L
1 tbsp = ___mL a. 15 mL b. 1 mL c. 5 mL d. 1 L a. 15 mL
1000 g = ___kg a. 1 pt b. 1 mg c. 1 kg d. 1 g 1 kg
1 kg = ___lbs. a. 1 tbsp b. 1 L c.1 lb. d. 2.2 lbs. d. 2.2 lbs
1 pt = ___mL a. 3840 mL b. 5 mL c. 30 mL d. 480 mL d. 480 mL
3 tsp = ___tbsp a. 1 lb. b.1 g c.1 tbsp d. 6 tsp c.1 tbsp
1 oz. = ___mL a. 15 ml b. 1 ml c. 30 ml d. 5 ml c. 30 ml
30 gm = ___drams or ___ oz 8 drams or 1 oz
1 mg =___gr 1/60 gr
1 mL = ___gtts 15-16 gtts
1 tsp =___mL or ___gtts 5 ml or 60 gtts
volume of 1 oz = ___mL 30 ml
15 ml = ___tbsp or ___ oz 1 tbsp or 1/2 oz
If a Tadalafil 10mg/tab has a typical half life of 17.5 hours, how long will it take until the blood concentration of this dosage falls to 25% of its initial strength? A. 70 Hours B. 52.5 Hours C. 35 Hours D. 17.5 Hours C. 35 Hours
Which route of administration will give the highest blood concentration level in the shortest time. A. Sub-Lingual B. Transdermal Patch C. Vaporizer D. Intravenous D. Intravenous
Which of the following would a patient be prescribed an albuterol Inhaler for? A.Hypertension B. Asthma C. Smoking Cessation D. Post Myocardial Infarction B. Asthma
In a retail pharmacy setting, who may counsel a customer who has questions about a vaccine they are considering? A. Licensed pharmacy technician B. Licensed pharmacist C. Pharmacy cashier D. Both A and B B. Licensed pharmacist
Which of the following drugs is exempt from the locking cap requirements found in the PPPA? A. Nitrostat® 0.4mg B. Chantix® 0.5mg C. Oxycontin® 20mg D. Naproxen® 250mg A. Nitrostat® 0.4mg
If 3 grams of active ingredient are needed to make 1 pint of a suspension, how much active ingredients is needed to make 1 gallon of the suspension ? A. 50 grams B. 18 grams C. 24 grams D. 30 grams
Which of the following routes of administration is not parenteral. Which of the following routes of administration is not parenteral. SQ B. SL C. IC D. IV
When a community pharmacy orders stock from a new wholesaler, which drugs must be ordered using a DEA form 222 ? A. Sch. II only B. Sch. II and Sch III only C. Sch. II, Sch. III and Sch. IV only D. ALL controlled substances
Which types of anti-biotics inhibit growth and reproduction of bacteria, but do not kill bacteria ? A. Bactericidal B. Anti-Bacterial C. Hypo-Allergenic D. Bacteriostatic
Created by: collesong
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