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IP Unit 2

measurement and safety

What is a balance used for? Measuring mass
What is a graduatated cylinder used for? Measuring the volume of a liquid
What is a beaker used for? It is NOT for measuring. It just holds chemicals.
What are some things you never do in the lab? Never mix chemicals without asking or following directions, smell something directly, goof off, not tell the teacher when something spills or breaks, work without glasses or goggles, use the bunsen burner without putting long hair back or sleeves up...
What is the safe way to smell something? Waft it
What is the safe way to heat something in a test tube over a bunsen burner. Use test tube tongs and hold it high up over the flame to heat it gently and DO NOT point it at anyone.
What is the safe way to carry the balance. Carry it by the base, not the sensitive balance/measuring arm
Define Mass. Mass is the amount of matter in something.
Define Volume. Volume is the amount of space something takes up.
Define length. Length is the distance between 2 points.
Define Temperature. Temperature is how hot or cold something is because of the movement (kinetic energy) of its particles.
Define Time Time is the interval between 2 events happening
What is the SI unit and measuring device for length? meter, metric ruler or meterstick
What is the SI unit and measuring device for volume of a liquid? L or mL, graduated cylinder
What is the SI unit and measuring device for mass? g or kg, balance
What is the SI unit and measuring device for Temperature? Degrees Celsius or Kelvin, thermometer
What is the SI unit and measuring device for time? Second, stopwatch
Name the metric units from smallest to largest milli, centi, deci, (base), deka, hecto, kilo
Which metric prefix means 10 deka-
Which metric prefix means 1/10 deci
Which metric prefix means 1000 kilo-
Which metric prefix means 1/1000 milli-
Convert 18 mm to cm 1.8 cm
Convert 52 g to mg 52,000 mg
Convert 1600 m to km 1.6 km
What is a base unit? One of the 7 defined standards for measurement in the SI system. With these 7 things you can measure everything!
What is a Standard? An exact quantity people agree to use to compare measurements
The SI system is a base ___ system? 10
What are the 7 base units? meter, kg, second, ampere, Kelvin, mole, and candela
What is a derived unit? a unit of measure that comes from combining base units
What are some derived units? cm3, L, mL, g/mL, m/s
What is density? the mass per unit volume of something
What is the equation for density? D=m/V
Numbers in science have a __ and ___ number and label or unit of measure
What is the density of a 25 g object that has a volume of 5.0 mL? 5.0 g/mL
what is the mass of an object whose density is the same as water (1.0 g/mL), and takes up a volume of 5.5 mL 5.5 g
Created by: tbrandt