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Emmy & The Incredibl

Emmy & The Incredible Shrinking Rat

What was Mrs. B's favorite thing to throw at people? Flower pots
What was Miss Barmy's first name? Jane
What was the effect of oil of Beaver? You fart when you lie.
What was Emmy's full name? Emmiline Augusta Addison
Where was Emmy's house located? Last house on Loons Bay Road
Who is the millionaire's friend who only knew one syllable words? Bimbo LaRoo
Why does Pro. Capybara fall asleep so fast? Ratolepsy
According to Miss. Barmy who is the brat? Emmy
What was the side effect of Essence of Hamster? Bright orange face
What was the “accelerant” that helped potions work or wear off faster? Essence of Hamster
What did Professor Capybara use to make the Chinchilla imprint effect wear off faster? Essence of Hamster
What policeman thought that Joe and Emmy were just talking crazy? Officer Carl
What policeman thought Joe and Emmy had been drugged by the suspects with hallucinogens? Sergeant Harrison
Emmy was a good girl, so she ate all of what type of vegetable? slimy
What did Miss Barmy promise Emmy if she kept trying to be good? Her parents would want to see her more often
What did Emmy get on her last report card? all A’s, but not an A+
Miss Barmy told Emmy that good girls didn’t care about what? being noticed
Emmy filled two shelves at home with something that nobody noticed. What was it? ribbons and trophies
What school did Emmy attend at the start of the story? Grayson Lake Elementary
What did Rat usually do when the children had trouble with fractions? sneer
On what day and month did the story begin? a Wednesday in May
Who is Emmy’s teacher? Mr. Herbifore
What did Emmy claim to the teacher that she had to study when she stayed inside at recess and the rat spoke to her? spelling
What did Emmy ask Rat when he finally answered her? Why are you so mean?
What did the rat say the first time he answered Emmy? Why are you always so good?
What proof did the rat use when speaking to Emmy at recess to show her that being good didn’t get her anywhere? A: She gets ignored.
What did Emmy make to place on her desk at school? A: a placard with “Emmy” in red letters and silver glitter
Why did Emmy make a placard for her desk? Mr. Herbifore kept forgetting her name
What suggestions did Rat give to Emmy when they spoke at recess? Try being bad, mean, and stand up for yourself
What nickname did Rat give to Joe Benson when he described the incident of Joe stepping on Emmy’s foot? Haystack Hair
At recess, when the rat claimed that he got respect, what reply did Emmy make that stunned the rat? A: You live in a cage.
What did the rat say about a little meanness? It was good for the soul.
What was the rat usually fed at school that he hated? pellets
On what lake was Emmy’s house located? Grayson Lake
Who did Emmy’s parents inherit money from? Great great Uncle William Addison (Father’s Great Uncle)
Who was the school psychologist? Dr. Leander
How often did Emmy visit with Dr. Leander? one hour every other week
What did Miss Barmy win years ago? a beauty contest
What did Emmy think Miss Barmy’s makeup looked like? a polished pink shell
What did Emmy contradict Miss Barmy about at the beginning of the story? That her parents’ plane landed at 5:30 and not 6:30
At what time did her parents’ plane actually land? 5:30
Who was the chauffeur ? Jems
What tonic did Miss Barmy really give Emmy to (she said) cleanse her inner system due to what she claimed was a skin problem? Essence of Hamster (It turned her face bright orange)
What was Emmy given to eat on her 10th birthday when everyone else had 5 layer chocolate cake? a tofu bar (Miss B. said she had a sugar allergy)
What did Miss B. say that Emmy was drinking in Mr. Leander’s office for proper reflexology balance? herbology inoculum
To what did Miss B. add the three drops of “herbology inoculum”? Spring Peach Essence
What did the herbology inoculum look like after it was added to the Spring Peach Essence? it changed from pink to swirling violet with a puff of vapor
What type of purse did Miss B. carry where she kept the unlabeled vial of Emmy’s “medicine”? square lizard skin (she had lizard skin shoes too with metal tips)
Where was Emmy’s old apartment? above their bookstore
What did Joe Benson say to Emmy after she put the note into the rat’s cage? Are you sure the rat can read?
What was the best time Emmy usually spent with her parents at the beginning of the story? the ride home from the airport
Who was the first person in Emmy’s class to speak to her and know her name? Joe Benson
Who was the second kid Rat bit in the classroom? Joe Benson
What was Joe trying to feed Rat when he was bit? a carrot
Where did Emmy usually hide when she was outside the school building on the playground? Lilac bushes
What did Emmy say to Rat was the meanest thing in the world? being ignored
Created by: mnboy1960
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