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ch. 8 study guide

chapter 8 study guide questions and answers for zoology.

What type of environment does paramecium live in? Quiet, slow glowing water.
What is the type of Locomotion (movement) of the following? Amoeba- Flagella Paramecium- Cilia Euglena- False feet
What are the two protozoans that are unicellular and heterotrophic? Euglena and paramecium.
What does the prefix "pseudo" mean? False feet
Describe the Euglena; how does it move? It is a small organism in the Protista Kingdom. It has a whippy tail that allows in to move through the water.
What is the function of the contractile vacuole? To remove excess water.
What is the method of reproduction for the amoeba? Binary fission
What is the kingdom and phylum in which paramecium can be placed? Eukarya kingdom; Protista Phylum.
How does the euglena obtain or find food? Gains nutrients by absorbing them through the cell membrane.
What is the function of the ectoplasm and endoplasm in protozoans? Endoplasm- The inner region of the Cytoplasm. Ectoplasm- The outer region of the cytoplasm just beneath the plasma membrane.
What organ is used for the removal of undigested waste in the paramecium? Egestion vacuoles.
What is the name of the marine protista that is responsible producing a large portion of the marine food web? Class Phytomastigophorea
What causes the "red tides"? Dinoflagellates
What disease does the protozoan Trypanosoma brucei cause? Causes African sleeping sickness in humans.
What animal is the carrier of Trypanosoma? Tsetse flies
What are Lobopodia? Pseudopodia that are broad and are used for locomotion and engulfing food.
What amoeba causes dysentery (diarrhea) in humans? Entamoeba hisolytica
Created by: Katwill678