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WCHS Health Chapter 11

family the basic unit of society
extended family your immediate family and other relatives such as grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins
sibling a brother or sister
affirmation positve feedback that helps others feel appreciated and supported
seperation a decision between married individuals to live apart from each other
divorce a legal end to a marriage contract
custody a legal decision about who has the right to make decisions affecting the children in a family and who has the responsibility of physically caring for them
grief the sorrow caused by the loss of a loved one
resiliency the ability to adapt effectivly and recover from disappointment difficulty or crisis
domestic violence any act of violence involving family members
emotional abuse a pattern of behavior that attacks the emotional development and sense of worth of an individual
physical abuse the intentional infliction of bodily harm or injury on another person
sexual abuse any sexual contact that is forced upon a person against his or her will
spousal abuse domestic violence directed at a spouse
child abuse domestic abuse directed at a child
neglect the failure to provide for a child's physical or emotional needs
cylcle of violence a pattern of repeating violent or abusive behaviors from one generation to the next
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