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Tape Theory

Review Questions

What do we call the smallest possible permanent magnet? Domain
What do we call magnetism passed from an inner layer of tape to the next outermost layer? Print thru
Name the effect that occurs when all domains are polarized at a given instant: Saturation
How should we store a reel of tape? Tails out
What is tails out storage? Tape stored on take-up reel
How is tails out storage indicated? Blue hold down tape
What is tapes magnetic coating called? Oxide
What occurs when oxide is unevenly distributed? Drop-outs
What should be done before putting tape on a tape machine ahdn when changing reels? Clean the machine
What does a demagnetizer do? Returns domains back to random state of magnetization
What is another name for a demagnetizer? Degausser
What reels monitor is on the machine's right side? Take up reel
What rees monitor is on the machine's left side? Supply reel
What motor is responsible for moving the tape at a constant rate of speed? Capstan
On most machines, what clamps the tape to the capstan in play mode? Pinch roller
What do we call the system that moves the tape with constant speed and tension? Transport
What part of the tape machine returns previously magnetized domains on tape back to a more random state, using an ultrasonic signal? Erase head
What must be monitored during overdubs and punch-ins so new performances aren't recorded late? Sync (Record Head)
Which head is monitored during mixdown for best quality playback? Repro head
Which head magnetizes previously randomized domains to represent the input signal to the machine? Record head
In addition to recording, the record head performs another function: what is it? Sync/playback
Name the three heads, in order of appearance from left to right (as viewed from front of machine) Erase, Record/Sync, Repro
What allows to control machine functions from a place away from the tape machine? Autolocator
What head works automatically with the record head to remove previously recorded material? Erase head
What do we call magnetic energy from one track that is picked up by a neighboring track? Crosstalk
What do we do prior to alignment? Clean the machine
Where do we get the test tones used in playback alignment? MRL Tape or Client Tones
Where do we get the tones for record alignment? Record pad
What tone is used for all level adjustments? 1 kHz
What tone is used for all high freq. EQ and bias adjustments? 10 kHz
What tone is used for all low freq. EQ adjustments? 100 Hz
How many dB above 0dB magnetic reference level is 185 nW? 0 dB
How many dB above 0dB magnetic reference level is 250 nW? 3 dB
What steps' purpose are so that 0dBVU is a known level of magnetism in playback? Repro level & sync level
What steps' purpose are for flattest high freq. response in playback? Repro high freq. EQ & sync high freq. EQ
What steps' are for flattest low freq. response in playback? Repro low freq. EQ & sync low freq. EQ
What steps are postponed in playback when using MRL? Repro low freq. EQ & sync low freq. EQ
What is the difference between the MRL tape and client tones? MRL tape is used for first alignment procedures. Client tones are used for all subsequent alignments with that client.
What do we call the section of the tape on the client's reel that we use to perform record alignment? Record pad
Where should the record pad be located? Tail of the tape
What step in alignment allows a low level signal to be recorded with minimum distortion (overcomes inertia)? Bias
How do we calculate what meter settings for playback we should use when test tape and level desired aren't the same? Test tape level - desired level = meter setting
We want a +5/185 nW alignment, our MRL is a 250 nW tape: what level should we set for playback? -2 = (3-5)
We want a +3/185 nW alignment, our MRL is a 250 nW tape: what level should we set for playback? 0 = (3-3)
Created by: rhueda
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