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Vocab List 1


Buffer any substance or mixture of compounds that, added to a solution, is capable of neutralizing both acids and bases without appreciably changing the original acidity or alkalinity of the solution.
SI Units an accepted system of physical units, derived from the MKSA system, using the meter, kilogram, second, kelvin and mole as the basic units of the fundamental quantities of length, mass, time, electric current, temperature, amount of substance.
Colloid a substance made up of a system of particles with linear dimensions in the range of about 10 −7to 5 × 10 −5cm dispersed in a continuous gaseous, liquid, or solid medium whose properties depend on the large specific surface area.
Heterogeneous Mixture any combination of substances that does not have uniform composition and properties
Homogeneous Mixture any mixture that is uniform in composition throughout
Absolute Zero the temperature of −273.16°C (−459.69°F), the hypothetical point at which all molecular activity ceases
Isotopes any of two or more forms of a chemical element, having the same number of protons in the nucleus, or the same atomic number, but having different numbers of neutrons in the nucleus, or different atomic weights
Distillation the volatilization or evaporation and subsequent condensation of a liquid
Viscosity the property of a fluid that resists the force tending to cause the fluid to flow
Manipulated Variable the independent variable in an experiment
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