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US and Canada

Test Review

What form of government does USA have? Presidential Democracy
What is Primary Economic Activities? Take Resource from the ground
What is Secondary Economic Activities? Manufacturing
What is Tertiary Economic Activities? Services
What is Quaternary Economic Activities? Research
What is the Pro of NAFTA? Free Trade and Cheaper products
What is the Con of NAFTA? Rich Countries loses Jobs
What is Urban Sprawl? Rapid spread of Cities
How do you see Urban Sprawl in your community? Pollution, Traffic, building of highways
What are the regions of the USA ? Northeast, Great plains (mid-west), West (pacific)
What are the regions of Canada Northern, Core
How would you describe Northeast US region? Most Populated
How would you describe Great Plains US region? Most productive agricultural
How would you describe West US region? Rocky Mountain - Least Populated Large amount of Asian immigrants because it is closer to Asia
How would you describe Northern Canada region Cold/Extreme Sparsely populated
How would you describe Core Canada region Most heavenly populated Manufacturing Mildest Climate
What is the difference between a natural boundary and an artificial boundary? Natural boundary has Rivers and Mountains Artificial boundary has line of latitude/longitude
What are examples of Cultural diffusion? McDonalds in other countries, Mosques in USA
How do people in Canada adapt to their environment? They wear warmer clothes in the winter.
What are the differences between Non-renewable and renewable resources? Renewable can be used again Non-renewable can not be used again
What is an example of Renewable resource? Solar, Wind hydroelectric power
What is an example of Non Renewable resource? Fossil Fuel
Created by: spotsville2