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Prechallenge Geo

C2 WK 1- continents/oceans continents North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, Antarctica; oceans Arctic ocean, Pacific Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, Indian Ocean
C1 WK 1- Fertile Crescent Mediterranean sea, Mesopotamia, Euphrates river, Tigris river, Sumer
C1 WK 2- Assyrian empire Red sea , Persian gulf, Caspian sea, Black sea, Babylon
C1 WK 3- Hebrew empire Judah, Israel, Jordan river, Dead sea, Phoenicia, Sea of Galilee
C1 WK 12- Muslim Empire Mecca, Medina, Baghdad, Damascus, Tours, Syria
C1 WK 15- Middle East Israel, Sinia peninsula, Suez canal, Cairo, Gaza strip
C2 WK 15- Middle East Turkey, Cyprus Syria, Iraq, Kuwait, Persia (Iran)
C1 WK 5- Egyptian Empire Egypt, Nile River, Upper/ Lower Egypt, West/East Deserts, Nile Delta, Crete
C1 WK 14- Ancient Africa Ancient Ghana, Ancient Mali, Ancient Songhai, Fez, Tangier
C1 WK 17- South Africa Ethiopia, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Madagascar
C2 WK 24- Southern Africa South Africa, Lesotho, Botswana, Mozambique, Nambia
C1 WK 16- Africa ( Waters) Zaire River (Congo), Lake Victoria, Zambizi River, Orange River, Nile River
C2 WK 8-Mid-Atlantic world Cape of Good Hope, straight of Magellan, canary islands, treaty of Todesillas.
C1 WK 13- Western Africa Atlantic Ocean, Sengal River, Niger River, Sahara Desert, Timbuktu
C1 WK 4- Hittite Empire Hattusa/ Hatti, Asia Minor, Turkey, Arabian Desert, Cyprus.
C1 WK 11- Byzantine Empire Constantinople/ Istanbul, Rome, Athens, Ephesus, Antioch.
C1 WK 6- Roman Empire Spain, Gual/France, Germania/ Germany, Alexandria, Carthage.
C2 WK 2- European waters North sea, Baltic sea, Adriatic sea, English Channel, Mediterranean sea.
C2 WK 3-Western European Countries Ireland, England, Portugal, Spain, France.
C2 WK 5- European Cities London, Paris, Rome, Barcelona, Orleans
C2 WK 17- Central Europe Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Switzerland
C2 WK 4- European River Seine River, Rhine River, Elbe River, Po River, Danube River, Volga River
C2 WK 18-More Central Europe Italy, Austria, Hungary, Czechoslavakia (former)
C2 WK 7- European Peninsulas Iberian Peninsula, Balkan Peninsula, Scandinavian Peninsula, Apennine Peninsula.
C2 WK 13-Northern European Countries: Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark
C2 WK 14-Baltic Europe: Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, East Prussia(former), Poland
C2 WK 11- Eastern Europe: Constantinople/Istanbul, Moscow, Kiev, Russia(USSR), Siberia (in Asia)
C2 WK 6- European Mountains: Pyrenees, Alps, Carpathians, Caucasus, Ural
C2 WK 12- Eastern European Seas: White Sea, Barents Sea, Black Sea, Caspian Sea, Aral Sea.
C2 WK 16- Balkans: Greece, Albania, Bulgaria, Yugoslavia (former), Romania
C1 WK 7- Indus River: Ganges River, Himalayas, Arabian Sea, Bay of Bengal, Great Indian Desert.
C2 WK 23-Western Asia: Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan.
C2 WK 10-Southwest Asia: Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, China, Calcutta.
C1 WK 8-China: Haung He river (yellow), Chang Jiang river (long), an-yang
C2 WK 20- South central Asia: Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, North Vietnam, South Vietnam
C1 WK 9- Eastern Asia: Mongolia, China, Korea, Japan, Yellow sea
C2 WK 19- South Eastern Asia: North Korea, South Korea, Taiwan, Philippines, Guam
C1 WK 10- Japan: Kyoto, Tokyo, Mt. Fuji, Pacific Ocean, Sea of Japan
C1 WK 21- Canadian Provinces: Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia
C1 WK 20- Canadian waters: Great Bear Lake, Great slave Lake, Hudson Bay, Baffin Bay, Labrador Sea
C1 19- The original 13 colonies: New England Colonies, Middle Colonies, Southern Colonies
C3 WK 1- States and Capitals: Augusta/ME, Concord/NH, Boston/MA, Providence/RI, Hartford/CT
C3 WK 2- States and Capitals: Montpelier/VT, Albany/NY, Trenton/NJ, Harrisburg/PA, Dover/DE
C3 WK 3- States and Capitals: Annapolis/ MD, Richmond/VA, Charleston, WV, Raleigh/NC, Columbia, SC
C3 WK 4- States and Capitals: Atlanta/GA, Tallahassee/ FL, Montgomery/ AL, Jackson/MS, Baton Rouge/ LA
C3 WK 5-States and Capitals: Lansing/MI, Columbus/OH, Indianapolis/ IN, Frankfort/KY, Nashville/TN
C3 WK 6-States and Capitals: Madison/WI, Springfield/IL, Des Moines/ IA, Jefferson City/ MO, Little Rock/ AK
C3 WK 7-States and Capitals: St. Paul/MN, Bismarck/ND, Pierre/ SD, Cheyenne/WY, Lincoln/NE
C3 WK 8- States and Capitals: Topeka/KS, Oklahoma City/OK, Austin/TX, Denver/CO, Santa Fe/ NM
C3 WK 9-States and Capitals: Salt Lake City/ UT, Phoenix/AZ, Carson City/NV, Sacramento/CA, Honolulu/HI
C3 WK 10-States and Capitals: Helena/MT, Boise/ID, Olympia/WA, Salem/OR, Juneau/AK
C3 WK 11- Appalachian mountains: white mountains, green mountains, adirondack mountains, allegheny mountains
C3 WK 12- Appalachian mountains: the great valley, blue ridge mountains, great smokey mountains, cumberland mountains, mt. mitchell
C3 WK 13- Western Mountains: Rocky Mountains, Pikes Peak, Mt, Elbert, Sierra Nevadas, Mt. Whitney
C3 WK 14- Northwest Mountains: Cascade Mountains. Mt. Rainer, Mt. st. Helen, Mt. Mckinley
C3 WK 15- Great Lakes: Huron, Ontario, Michigan, Erie, Superior, Niagara Falls
C3 WK 16- Bays: Chesapeake Bay, Hudson Bay, San Francisco Bay, Puget Sound, Pamlico Sound
C3 WK 17- Rivers (east) St. Lawrence River, Ohio River, Mississippi River, Missouri River, Arkansas River
C3 WK 18- Rivers (west) Colorado River, Red River, Rio Grande River, Columbia River, Great Salt Lake
C3 WK 19- Trails Cumberland Road, Santa Fe Trail, Mormon Trail, Gila Trail, Old Spanish Trail, California Trail, Oregon Trail
C3 WK 20- Canals Erie Canal, Pennsylvania Canal, Chesapeake and Ohio Canal, Ohio and Erie Canal, Miami and Erie Canal
C3 WK 21- Territories and Terrains: Eastern woodlands (Northern/Southern), Plains, Plateau, Northwest coast, California and great Basin, Southwest
C3 WK 22- Deserts: Mohave Desert, Sonoran Desert, Colorado Desert, Painted Desert, Great salt Lake Desert
C3 WK 23- Prominent Features: Grand Canyon, Black Hills, Ozark Highlands, Okefenokee Swamp, Olympic Rain Forest
C3 WK 24- More Prominent Features: Mississippi delta, Mammoth Cave, San Andreas Fault, Gulf of Mexico, Death Valley
C2 WK 4- European Rivers Seine River, Reine River, Elbe River, Po River, Danube River, Volga River
C2 WK 9- Caribbean Cuba, Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Porto Rico
C2 WK 21- Central America Guatemala, Belize, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua
C2 WK 22- Central/South America: Costa Rica, Panama, Peru (home of the Incas)
C1 WK 18- Mesoamerica Gulf of Mexico, Yucatan Peninsula, Olmec, Maya, Aztec
C1 WK 23/24- South America Venezuela, Colombia, Equador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Brazil, French Guiana, Suriname, Guyana
C1 WK 22- Canadian Waters Great Bear Lake, Great Slave Lake, Hudson Bay, Baffin Bay, Labrador Sea
Created by: CHAClarksville



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