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ITE Flashcards

Plagerism and Intellectual Property

Plagiarism The act of using or copying someone else's work without acknowledging the source.
Intellectual Property An original creative invention of the mind.
Copyright The right given to authors that assigns them ownership of an intellectual property.
Trademark A symbol or series of words that represent a company that cannot be used by a different company.
Fair Use The use of copyrighted materials quoted for the purpose of criticizing, for commenting, or for the creation of a parody.
Public Domain Information open for public use.
Creative Commons A license that allows intellectual ideas to be built upon but still gives credit to the original author.
CC Attribution A license that allows others to distribute, remix, change, and build upon the original work as long as they credit the author.
CC Share Alike A license that allows others to, remix, change, and build upon the original work for commercial usage as long as they credit the author.
CC No Derivs A license that allows the redistribution, of both commercial and non-commercial use as long as the content remains unchanged and credit is given to the author.
CC Non Commercial A license that allows others to, remix, change, and build upon the original work non-commercially as long as the credit the author.
Common Knowledge Data know by the majority of people.
Citation Giving credit to an author of intellectual property when the work is quoted or used.
SafeAssign A plagiarism checker for Blackboard.
Cloning Copying someone's work word for word.
CTRL-C Using large portions of someone's work without changing any of the work.
Find-Replace Keeping the same content of a source while changing words and phrases.
Remix Using paraphrases from multiple different sources in a work without citation.
Recycle Using information from a source without citing the author.
Hybrid Uses both cited sources and copied passages without citation.
Mashup Uses multiple copied passages from different stories.
404 Error Using citations to information not contained in the source.
Aggregator Uses correct citations but has little to no original work.
Re-Tweet Uses citations but relies on the wording or structure of the original work.
Self-Plagiarism Plagiarizing one's own work without citing or acknowledging the authors original work.
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