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Scientific Method Review

Which variable does the experimenter change and apply to the experimental group? independent variable
Which variable is the end result or outcome (usually measured)? dependent variable
The results or data from an experiment are first organized into one of these. a data table
How many independent variables should be tested at one time? one
The conclusion compares the results to the _. hypothesis
Can a hypothesis be proven in science? no
Can a hypothesis be rejected or disproven in science? yes
What is the educated prediction of the outcome called? hypothesis
This scientific explanation has lots of evidence over lots of time but can be modified or totally rejected because of new information. scientific theory
A statement of how nature has been observed to behave throughout time but may not explain why is called a what? scientific law
What should be done before a hypothesis is formulated (made)? research
The independent variable is contained in which part of an IF, THEN hypothesis, the if, or the then? the IF
The dependent variable is contained in which part of an IF, THEN hypothesis, the if, or the then? the THEN
The name of the dependent variable is put on which side of the data table headings? the right side
The name of the independent variable is put on which side of the data table headins? the left side
So that an experiment can be run or observations can be made, every hypothesis must be this. testable
Every hypothesis must contain these two variables? the IV and the DV
An observation leading to a question or problem is which step in the scientific method? first
The conditions that need to be exactly the same for all tests or test samples are called what kind of variables? control variables or constants
Control variables are sometimes also called what? constants
Except for the independent and dependent variables, how many other conditions should be held constant? all of them
Test results that can be counted on are called what? reliable
In the hypothesis, if plants are given extra salt, then they will grow taller, the IV is what? extra salt
If plants are given extra salt to see the effect on their height, the DV is what? plant height
A control group is needed for a standard for what? comparison of results
The group that has the IV applied to it is which group? experimental group
The group that does not have the IV and is the normal case? control group
How important is a large enough sample size in an experiment? very important
For the test, please remember this phrase, If IV, then __. DV
For the test, please remember this phrase, If ___, then DV. IV
How many ms (milliseconds) are in a cs (centisecond)? ten
A kilo- of anything is how many? 1000
Because ice floats in water, its density must be which, greater than the water's or less than the water's? less than the water's
The density of pure water is what? 1.00 g/mL
A fluid is any material that can do what? flow
How many centimeters are in one meter? 100
If an object is less dense than a fluid it is put into, what will the object do? float
A centi- has the value of 1/100 of the base
There are how many centiseconds in a second? 100
One liter is made of how many mL? 1000
Created by: gkarlish