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cranial bones

the skull/bony skeleton of the head rests where? superior end of the vertebral column
the skull is divided into what 2 main parts? 8 cranial bones & 14 facial bones
what are the bones of the calvaria? rt & lt pariatial,frontal,occipital
what are the bones of the floor? rt & lt temporal,ethmoid,sphenoid
what forms the lateral walls of the cranium & part of the roof of the head? 2 parietal bones
where is the widest portion of the entire skull? b/w the parietal tubercles of the parietal bones
what forms the inferoposterior portion of the calvaria? the occipital bone
what is the external surface of the occipital bone that presents a rounded part? the squamous portion
the squamous portion forms most of the back of the head what is the part of the occipital bone superior to external occipital protuberance? onion
what is the onion? the prominent bump or protuberance at the inferoposterior portion of the skull
what forms the forehead & the superior part of each orbit? frontal bone
the frontal bone consists of what 2 main parts? squamous/verticalorbit/horizontal
the squamous/vertical forms what? the forehead
the orbit/horizontal forms what? the superior part of the orbit
the cranial bones are fused in an adult to form what? a protective enclosure for the brain
in the squamous/vertical portion,what is the glabella smooth prominence b/w the eyebrows just above the bridge of the nose.
what is the supraorbit groove (SOG) the slight depression above each eyebrow
what is on each side of the squamous portion of the frontal bones above the supra orbital grooves? frontal tuberosity(a larger prominence)
the orbital/horizontal portion consist of? supraorbital margins(som,supercillary,glabella & frontal tuberosities
the frontal bone articulates with what four bones? right & left parietal,sphenoid,& ethmoid
below the orbital plates lie facial bones & above the orbital plates is what? anterior part of the floor of the brain case
each orbital plate is separated from the other by what? ethmoidal notch
which bone fits into the ethnoidal notch? the ethmoid bone
where is the nasal spine found at? anterior end of the ethmoid notch
what is the large opening at the base of the occipital bone, which the spinal cord passes as it leave the brain foramen magnum
the two lateral occipital condyles processes articulate with depression on the 1st cervical vertebra called? atlas
what is the two part articulation b/w the skull & the cervical spine? atlanto-occipital joint
the occipital articulate with what six bones rt & Lt parietal,rt & Lt temporal,sphenoid & atlas
where is the temporal bone located at? b/w the greater wing of the sphenoid bone(anterior) & the occpital bone(posteriorly)
what bone is extending anteriorly from the squamous portion of the temporal bone zygomatic process
inferior to the zygomatic process & just anterior to the EAM is what? temporomandibular fossa
what forms the temporomandibular joint? temporomandibular fossa(which fits into)mandibular
what is inferior to the mandible & anterior to EAM is a slender bony projection called? styloid process
each temporal bone is divided into 3 primary parts squamous portion,mastoid portion,petrous portion
what is the upper border/ridge of the petrous pyramids commonly called? petrous ridge or petrous apex
the petrous ridge of the pyramids corresponds to the level of what landmark? TEA-top of the ear attachment
near the ctr of the petrous pyramid on the posterior surface just superior to the juglar foramen is an opening (orfice) the internal acoustic meatus what passes through here? nerves for hearing & equalibrium
each temporal bone articulates with what 3 cranium bones? partietal,occipital,& sphenoid
what contains the sphenoid sinus? (the central portion of the sphenoid) the body
what is the central depression on the body of the sphenoid bone sella turcica
the sella turcica partially surrounds & protects what? pituitary gland
what is the posterior portion of the sella turcica called? dorsum sellae
what is the shallow depression that begins on the back of dorsum sellae of the sphenoid bone to the occipital bone? clivus
the clivus forms what? base of the support for the pons
extending laterally from the body are 2 wings called lesser wings & greater wings
lesser wings -what is located here? anterior clinoid process
greater wings- what is located here? foramen rotundum,formen ovale,foramen spinosum
where is the posterior clinoid process found? on top of the dorsum sellae
what are the 4 process from the body of the sphenoid? lateral pterygoid,medial pterygoid process,ptergoid hamuli
where is the ethmoid bone located at lies below the floor of the cranium
on the ethmoid bone the small upper horizontal portion of the bone is called? cribriform plate
the cribriform plate contains many small openings/foramina what passes through here olfactory nerves passes through here
what is projecting down from the ethmoid bone? perpendicular plate
the ethmoid bone articulate with what two cranial bones? frontal & sphenoid
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