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Pharmacopoeia II

Ch 11 Herbs that warm the interior and expel cold

Zhi Fu Zi *** "appendage" (processed aconite root) Revives devastated yang and rebellion; Warms the mingmen and assists Yang; Disperses cold (like WDC Bi), warms the channels (guides herbs to all 12 channels), alleviates pain NOT with yin xu or yang abundance, or during pregnancy. Decoct first if raw
Gan Jiang *** (Dried ginger rhizome) Warms the middle and expels cold; Rescues devastated yang, expels interior cold; warms LU, transforms thin mucus; Warms and unblocks channels, stops bleeding (w/chronic pale blood) NOT with yin xu heat or heat in blood. Caution for pregnancy
Rou Gui *** (Cinnamon bark) Warms & fortifies Yang (HT, KD, SP); Disperses deep cold, warms/unblocks channels and vessels, for pain, moves blood; Leads fire back to its source; encourages generation of Qi/blood (auxiliary) CAUTION with yin xu blazing fire, interior HEAT, pregnancy
Wu Zhu Yu *** (evodia fruit) Strongly warms middle, disperses cold, promotes movement of Qi, alleviates pain (from congealing cold or phlegm); Redirects rebellious Qi downward, stops N/V; Warms SP, stops diarrhea, expels C-D; Leads fire downward NOT for longterm use or yin xu heat
Created by: Nyssab