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Chapter 3

The World's People

A way of life of a group of people who share similar beliefs and customs CULTURE
A group of people with common culture, language, or history belong to the same ETHNIC GROUP
Monarchy, dictatorship, and democracy THREE TYPES OF GOVERNMENT
The sets the rules for how people can produce, sell and trade items ECONOMIC SYSTEM
Highly developed cultures CIVILIZATIONS
The number of people out of every 1000 that die each year DEATH RATE
The number of people out of every 1000 that are born each year BIRTH RATE
The lack of food FAMINE
The movement into cities URBANIZATION
People who leave the country they were born in and move to another EMIGRANT
People who enter into a new country IMMIGRANT
People who flee to another country to escape persecution or disaster REFUGEE
Things that people get from the earth to meet their needs RESOURCES
Resources that can NOT be used and and can be replaced naturally RENEWABLE RESOURCES
Resources that can be used ONLY ONCE and can not be replaced naturally NON-RENEWABLE RESOURCES
A major source of energy that can NOT be renewed. These resources were made MILLION of years ago. Coal, Oil, and Natural Gas FOSSIL FUELS
Goods that go to another country EXPORTS
Good that come into our country from somewhere else IMPORTS
A tax on imported goods TARIFF
When trade barriers are taken down countries can have this FREE TRADE
Countries that have a great deal of manufacturing are called DEVELOPED COUNTRIES
Counties that are working towards manufacturing are called DEVELOPLING COUNTRIES
When people use resources carefully and thoughtfully it is called CONSERVATION
Powerful chemicals that kill insects are called PESTICIDES
Places were animals and plants need each other to survive are called ECOSYSTEMS
Switching places were crops are plants to allow the soil to replace it's nutrients CROP ROTATION
Bringing water to dry areas IRRIGATION
Wind and water carrying soil away EROSION
Cutting down trees causes DEFORESTATION
Rain that contains high amounts of pollutants ACID RAIN
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