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PSYC 2003 [Holm]

Unit 2 Exam (Ch. 5 &8)

What is sensation? The result of neural responses that occur after physical energy stimulates a receptor cell but before the stimulus is organized and interpreted by the brain
What is perception? The result of neural processes that organize and interpret information conveyed by sensory interpret information conveyed by sensory signals
What is transduction? Transformation of various forms of energy into electrochemical signals.
Define psychophysics? The study of the relationship between physical events and the corresponding experience of those events.
Reflex and Instinct are BOTH what? Unlearned behaviors.
Define Reflex. An automatic, involuntary response to automatic, involuntary response to environmental stimuli.
Define instinct. An inborn, complex behavior pattern elicited by environmental stimuli.
Define learning. A relatively permanent change in behavior due to experience.
What is the sense of HEARING called? Audition
What is the stimulus energy for the sense of audition? Sound waves.
Define sensory adaptation. An adaptation to current conditions over time. It also  emphasizes change in responding to sensory events rather than perceiving constant stimulation.
Created by: Razorbacks