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PTCB Stack #201262

PTCB memory joggers.

Centigrade to Farenheight formula 9C=5F-160
Sales price commercial formula =C+MU
Mark Up commercial formula =SP-C
%Mark up commercial formula =(MU)(100)/C
Gross Product commercial formula =SP-C
Overhead commercial formula =SP-C-NP
Net Profit commercial formula =SP-C-OH
Youngs rule for childrens doses (Age/Age+12)(Adult dose)
Clarks rule for childrens doses (Weight LB./ 150 LB.)(Adult dose)
Mg/Kg/Day for childrens doses Total volume of drug/day,then, Amount/dose
Mix %Initial Volume to Final Volume FV/IV=IS/FS
%Dilutions for Final Volume (FV)(%S)=DV
Mix Old% to New% solution (OV)(O%)=(NV)(N%)
Mix Volume Rx script per what is In Stock Vwanted/%wanted=VRx/%in stock
Combine diffrent strength solutions Tic-Tac-Toe method then use Ratio for parts
Verify a DEA number (1+3+5)+2(2+4+6) Last# MUST = DEA Last# !!
How many drops per 1ml? 1ml=20gtt
How many ml in 1 dram? 4ml
How many drops per teaspoon? 100gtt
How many ml per teaspoon? 5ml
How many Ounces in a teaspoon? 1/2 Ounce
How drams in 1 Ounce? 8 drams
How many ml in 1 tablespoon? 15ml
How many ml in 1 Ounce? 30ml
How many drams in a Cup? 64 drams
How many ml in 16 Onces? 500ml - 480ml actual
How many Onces in a Litre? 32 Onces
How many ml per a quart? 1000ml - 960ml actual
How many ml per 4 Litres? 4000ml
How many ml per 1 Gallon? 4000ml - 3840 actual
How many quarts per 1 Gallon? 4 quarts
How many pints per 1 Gallon? 8 pints
How many grains in 1mg? 1/60 grain
30mg are how many grains? 1/2 grain
How many mg in 1 grain? 65mg
325mg are the same as how many grains? 5 grains
How many granins in 1 gram? 15 grains
How many mg in 1 dram? 4000mg
16 onces are how many grams? 480 grams
1 kilogram is how many pounds? 2.2 pounds
Created by: waremick