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Nice and Lean

apprehensive unsure about trying something The baby was always apprehensive about eating new foods. Synonyms: anxious, worried, hesitant Antonyms: confident, sure, secure Other forms: The state of being afraid of something is known as apprehension (noun).
arrogant having too much pride He would have more friends if he was less arrogant about everything. Synonyms: overconfident, conceited, egotistical Antonyms: humble, modest Other forms: The state of being arrogant is called arrogance (noun).
capital the city in which the center of government is located 2. money or wealth (used in business) The capital city in each state is sometimes the largest city, but not always. 2. Google had enough capital to buy YouTube for $1.65 billion. Other forms: Capit
dialogue a conversation between two or more people Solving the conflict in the Middle East will never occur without dialogue between the sides.
encounter to meet or come across, usually by accident Erin was a little shaken up after she encountered a big snake in the yard. Other forms: A meeting can also be called an encounter (noun).
lure to attract on purpose, usually for evil reasons His plan was to lure the bird into the cage, and keep it as a pet.
hoax something meant to trick others It turned out that Uncle Jake’s UFO sighting was a total hoax. Synonyms: prank, fraud, deception
massive extremely large, usually beyond understanding Compared to the pond I grew up on, the ocean seemed massive. Synonyms: huge, enormous, gigantic Antonyms: tiny, miniscule Other forms: Something that is massive has a lot of mass (noun) ; it takes up a lo
propel to send forward with some force. The new engine on the missile would propel it even further. Synonyms: to push, thrust Other forms: The blade that spins on a plane to move it forward is called a propeller (noun).
tangible touchable, real or actual His reasons for setting off the fire alarm didn’t seem very tangible to us. Antonyms: intangible, imaginary, abstract
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