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TEACH format Think, Explain, Ask, Clues, Handwrite chapter highlights
Certifications an official document that gives proof and details of something such as personal status, educational achievements, ownership, or authenticity
clear easy to understand
Concise using as few words as possible to give the necessary information, or compressed in order to be brief
Convincing able to persuade somebody to believe that something is true or to act
Proofread to read the text and mark corrections to be made
Active listening the practice of paying close attention to a speaker and asking questions to ensure full comprehension
Analogy a comparison between two things that are similar in some way, often used to help explain something or make it easier to understand
Career cluster provide students with a context for studying traditional academics and learning the skills specific to a career, and provide U.S. schools with a structure for organizing or restructuring curriculum offerings and focusing class make-up by a common theme
dual enrollment involves students being enrolled in two separate, academically related institutions. Generally, it refers to high school students taking college courses
AP courses advanced placement, college courses taken in high school
IB courses International baccalaureate, offering internationally recognized courses
Cooperative education a school program that allows students to receive academic credit for career work in the student's field of interest done outside the school
internship a type of work experience for entry level seekers
Apprenticeship One bound by legal agreement to work for another for a specific amount of time in return for instruction in a trade, art, or business
Extra-curricular activities fall outside the realm of the normal curriculum of school or university education, performed by students.
transcript an official document showing the educational work of a student in a school or college
interpersonal skills concerning or involving relationships between people
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