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Motion and Force

physical science

What is any change in velocity (speed or direction) of an object's motion called? acceleration
What is the measure of an object's change in position during a certain amount of time? speed
What is a push or a pull called? force
What is the location of an object called? position
What force acts to pull all objects down to the Earth? gravity
What is motion? an object that is changing its position
What natural force acts against the direction of an object's motion and causes it to slow or stop? friction
What is velocity? the speed of an object in a particular direction
When you roll STRAIGHT down a hill at the SAME speed, what is changing? position
The surrounding objects used to describe and compare the changing of position is called __________. frame of reference
In order to calculate speed, you need what two units? distance and time
Every motion has a __________. speed
When cars change their direction to go around a curve and their speed remains the same, what changes? velocity
What can forces do? start and stop motion of objects, change direction and speed of objects
What are the 2 natural forces that change motion? gravity and friction
What type of surfaces have more friction and cause objects to slow down or stop? rough surfaces such as grass, carpet, and cement
What type of surfaces have less friction and cause objects to move more? smooth surfaces such as tile, hardwood floor, and ice
How is gravity different with objects of more mass compared to objects of less mass? objects with more mass require a stronger gravitational pull than objects of less mass
What are the 3 ways acceleration can occur? slowing down and stopping, speeding up, changing direction
How do you calculate the speed of an object? distance divided by time
How do you calculate the distance an object traveled? speed multiplied by time
How do you calculate the time it took an object to travel a certain distance? distance divided by speed
If a person walks for 5 hours and travels a distance of 20 miles, how fast are they walking? 4 mph.....Speed = Distance divided by Time so 20 miles divided by 5 hours equals 4 mph.
If a horse galloped 20 miles per hour for 2 hours, how far did the horse go? 40 miles....Distance = Speed multiplied by Time so 20 mph times 2 hours equals 40 miles.
How long would it take a camel in the desert to travel 22 miles going 2 mph? 11 hours....Time = Distance divided by Speed so 22 miles divided by 2 mph equals 11 hours
What is the speed of a boat traveling 30 miles in 3 hours? 10 mi/hr....Speed = Distance divided by Time so 30 miles divided by 3 hours equals 10 miles per hour (mi/hr)
A car travels 400 miles, heading north in 4 hours. What is the car's velocity? 100 mi/hr N.....Speed = Distance divided Time so 400 miles divided by 4 hours equals 100mi/hr N
Timmy ran for 1 mile at a speed of 7 min/mi. How long did it take Timmy to run 6 miles at the same rate? 42 minutes
Created by: joliespring