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define drug -chemical substance that affects the processes of the mind or body -used in diagnosis, treatment, or prevention of disease -illegal substance
difference between prescription repeats and renewals repeats- continuation of long term med renewals- extensions of prescription
describe sustained release cause a delay in absorption to ensure slow but sustained action
what can drugs be classified by -function -body system -effectsd`
name and describe the difference effects of drugs -therapeutic action-> the purpose of giving the drug -side effects/adverse effects->every drug has a potential side effect -allergies-> a serious reaction to a drug
name and describe the classifications of drugs by scope of action local-drug produces an effort only at the site of application systemic- circulate in the blood stream cumulative- drug accumulates in the body faster that it can be metabolized or excreted
name and describe the classifications of drugs by use therapeutic- taken to relieve symptoms diagnostic- used to perform diagnostic tests curative drugs- given to overcome a disease, infection or other condition replacement drugs- taken to replace a hormone prophylactic- given to prevent a condition or d
what are the 4 names that can be given to a single drug chemical generic trade botanical
what are the two methods of dispensing drugs prescription over the counter
what is enteric-coated allows pill to bypass the stomach
what is a pharmacist a health professional who is trained in preparing and dispensing drugs
what is pharmacology the study and description of drugs, their composition, actions and effects
wheat is a pharmacy a licensed business involved in dispensing drugs
when are drug errors more likely to occur when taken over the phone transcription