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drugs 251 - 275

251 - 275

251 JUXTAPID lomitapide cholesterol lowering, blocks MTTP, oral, [Lojuxta]
252 DALIRESP roflumilast COPD for lung inflammation, oral, [Daxas]
253 BYSTOLIC nebivolol beta blocker for HPTN, oral, [Nebilet]
254 KENALOG triamcinolone acetonide corticosteroid for skin inflammation & oral ulcers, topical, oral paste, & inj., [Volon A]
255 KEPPRA levetiracetam anticonvulsant, oral & I V
256 COGENTIN benzatropine antocholinergic for Parkinsons & dystonia, oral & I V
257 LIORESAL baclofen skeletal muscle relaxant and antispastic, oral, [Liofen, Lioresal, and Gablofen]
258 UCERIS budesonide corticosteroid for ulcerative colitis, oral
259 CAPOTEN captopril ACE blocker for HPTN(hypertension), oral
260 LEVITRA vardenafil PDE 5 blocker for E D, oral, [Staxyn, Vivanza]
261 CLOBETA Clobetasol propionate corticosteroid for dermatitis, topical, [Clobex, Cormax, Temorate]
262 AVODART dutasteride triple 5A-reductase blocker for benign prostate hyperplasia, oral
263 ULORIC febuxostat xanthine oxidase blocker for gout patients, with uncacia, [Gaturic, Atenurix]
264 XOLAIR rituximab for asthma patients who don't respond to corticosteroids, antiimmuno globulin Emonoclonal antibody
265 SYNAGIS pegfligrastim for respiratory syncytial virus to prevent lower respiratory tract infection, monoclonal antibody, I V
266 DIPRIVAN propofol slows brain activity, hypnotic for preanesthesia, I V
267 RENAGEL HCI sevelamer phosphate binder for reduction of phosphate, for kidney dialysis patients, oral, [Renvela carb.]
268 INCIVEK telaprevir antiviral, oral, treats hepatitis, protease blocker, [Incivo]
269 HERCLON trastuzumab monoclonal antibody for breast cancer, tumor cell growth blocker, I V, [Herceptin]
270 VANCOCIN vancomycin antibiotic for intestinal bacteria, oral & I v, glypopeptide class
271 VESICARE solifenacin for overactive bladder, muscarinic receptor antagonist, oral, competitive cholinergic receptor antagonist
272 ZYTIGA abiraterone reduces androgen production for prostate tumors, steroidal antiandrogen or androgen synthesis blocker, oral
273 ALBUKED albumin concentrated plasma proteins, oral & I V, [Albuminar, Albutein, Flexbumin, etc.]
274 REYATAZ atazanavir HIV, protease blocker, blocks growth of virus, oral
275 AVASTIN bevacizumab reduces cancer cell growth, I V, angiogenesis blocker



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