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the skull or bony skeleton of the head rest on the superior end of the vertebral column
the skull(bony skeleton) is divided into two main sets of bone what are they 8 cranial bones & 14 facial bones
the eight cranial bones of the cranium are divided into two parts calvaria(skull cap) & floor
the calvaria is know as the skull cap
the calvaria is divided into 4 parts frontal,right & left parietal,occipital
the floor is divided into 4 parts left & right temporal,sphenoid,ethmoid
the frontal bone is the most visible and contributes to formation of the forehead & superior part of each orbit
the two parts of the frontal bone is squamous or vertical portion & supraorbit groove(SOG)
what is the squamous/vertical portion the glabella is the smooth raised prominence b/w the eyebrows just above the nose.
what is the supraorbit groove(sog) the slightly depression above each eyebrow.
why is SOG an important landmark b/c is corresponds to the floor of the anterior fossa of the cranial vault,which is also at the level of the orbit plate or the highest level of the facial bones mass.
what is superior rim of each orbit is the supraorbit margin or SOM
what is the supraorbital notch(foramen) is a small hole or opening within the SOM slightly medial to its midpoint
what pass through the supraorbital notch (foramen) nerves & arteries
what is the ridge of bone beneath each eyebrow is termed superciliary
what does the superciliary do arches the glabella
what is on each side of the squamous portion of the frontal bones above the supraorbital grooves a larger prominence termed the frontal tuberosity (eminence)
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