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Nectar Characters

People for part 1 in Nectar in a Sieve

Irawaddy Rukmani and Nathans daughter and first child. She was married but her husband divorced her because she was infertile. Kenny helped her and she became pregnant while the father is unknown and her son is albino.
Kunthi is the enemy of Rukmani. She likes that the village is expanding, and Nathan is the father of her children.
Kali helps Rukmani get situated in the town, and helps her birth. She disagrees with Rukmanis values on reading and writing.
Janaki The shopkeepers wife. Has to leave town because shop goes out of business.
Biswas The town moneylender
Arjun Rukmani and Nathans first son. Although he is very smart he works in the tannery and gives all his money to his parents so they don't starve. He played a big roll in the tannery strike.
Thambi Rukmani and Nathans second son. Works in the tannery and gives all his money to his parents. Is partly responsible for the tannery strikes so leaves to work in Ceylon.
Rukmani narrator and protagonist. She is kind, loving, and hardworking, and willing to make sacrifices to protect her family. Her secrets sometimes get the better of her and she can turn to violence when she is pushed too far.
Nathan Rukmanis loving husband who is a tenant farmer. He is sad that non of his sons want to work on the land with him, and he causes many problems by cheating on Rukmani with Kunthi.
Deepavali the festival of lights
Selvam Rukmani and Nathans fifth son. He works with Kenny as his hospital assistant. He loves Sacrabani and promises Nathan and Rukmani that he will take care of Ira and Sacrabani when they leave.
Kenny A white doctor who built a hospital in the village. He helps Rukmani and Ira to become fertile. The poverty in the village angers him, and he has very western beliefs which the Indians are not used to.
Hanuman the general merchant and husband of Janaki
Old Granny She makes a living by selling off the village streets. She sets us Ira's failed marriage and feels indebted to her. She gives Ira's son her last rupee and ends up dying of starvation.
Created by: edenbreslauer