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FIO Vocab Review Qui

Final FIO Vocab Quiz

After her appointment with the __________ Sally agreed to get regular __________ to help keep her feet in good condition for running marathons. podiatrist/pedicure
The oldest part of the present building is in fact a sloping medieval __________ at the south west corner. buttress
The smell was so __________ that they were all feeling ill. putrid
He agreed it was __________ that the two men had written the exact same poem. improbable
The suspects spent a great amount of time __________ the authorities. eluding
The crime took place in the old __________ looking barn outside of town. derelict
The killer left no clues, the mystery remains __________. inscrutable
The evidence was __________, it was likely the defendant would be found guilty of the crime. incriminating
The police arrived and found a most __________ victim screaming for help in a very __________ way they could not understand. hysterical/unintelligible
You can appoint an __________ by naming them in your will. executor
Silence fell as the smell of smoke __________ through the air. wafted
He continued to stare at the __________ face illuminated by the fire. gaunt
The police determined that his __________ the night of the crime was false. alibi
The person who committed the crime was so __________ in covering their tracks that very little evidence was found. The authorities found it quite __________. meticulous/impeccable
Calling the others names during the investigation was a __________ of speaking to them. derisive
Martha felt that she had paid her __________ for the mistake she made. penance
The wedding planner had all of the appropriate __________ needed to pull off the perfect wedding. It would work nicely with the __________ that the bride had prepared for herself. paraphernalia/trousseau
He __________ with the idea of sharing responsibility for finding the criminal. grappled
She wasn’t a __________ or __________ woman by nature, she was kind and helpful to all. vindictive/vengeful
The characters in The Westing Game are quite an __________ __________of suspects. A good mix of fun and secrets. eccentric/hodgepodge
The master of the castle spoke in a very __________ way to all of the servants, which is why they all quit on the very same day. demeaning
The suspects continued on the run, all the while feeling a high level of __________ that they might be caught. paranoia
The building where they met was __________ to the bank so they could make a quick get-away. Also, it had a rather large __________ that would hide them as they entered. adjacent/facade
The display of fireworks to distract they guards showed of their __________ skills. pyrotechnic
The criminal was a __________ man who had committed terrible crimes. dastardly
The citizens thought the king a __________ man as he consistently spoke down to them and treated them poorly, always displaying himself as a __________. pompous/bigot
The criminal seemed __ and insisted on volunteering for community service. Something was fishy. obsequious
The detective thought he may resort to using a __________ to find the criminal. soothsayer
Tom allowed his mind to become __________ as he brainstormed all the possibilities. vagrant
Everyone was feeling __________ of the prize money she would win. covetous
Created by: Mrs. Hanish