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Drama Terms #3

Diction the selection and pronunciation of words and their combinations in speech
Volume the relative strength, force, or intensity with which sounds are made
Rate the speed at which words are spoken
Range the span b/w the lowest notes and the highest and the lowest notes on the music scale that one can reach without straining
Inflection the term for the variety in pitch
Pronunciation the matter in which vowel and consonant sounds are produced and accents are placed on syllabus
Monotone a flaw in speech speaking without inflection
Nasality the undesirable voice quality that reduces reasonable as vowel sounds are diverted from the nasal cavities
Swallowing Words speaking while the throat is closed by tension or while breath is being controlled carelessly
Onomatopoeia the term for words whose sounds suggest their meaning
International Phonetic Alphabet the system of pronunciation created to Represent the sounds found in all languages
Pitch the relative highness or lowness of a voice
Quality the individual sound of a particular voice
Optimum Pitch the middle point of range; it is often two or three notes lower than normal speaking voice
Resonance the vibrant tone produced when sound waves strike the chambers of the throat, head, nose and mouth
Diaphragmatic Breathing a breathing technique useful to actors that increases air capacity and improves air control
Pause brief suspension or hesitation of the voice
Intensity quality of feeling or emotion in the voice
Force energy or vigor of which sound is produced
Flexibility the ability of a voice to vary within pleasant range of tone
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