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Tera's Pharm

LP6 Review

name five different anticoagulants warfarin, apixaban, dabigatran, heparin, fondaparinux
what drug group treats chest pain coronary vasodilators
what are the four major antihypertensive drug classes? beta-adrenergic blockers, calcium channel blockers, ace inhibitors, angiotensin receptor blockers
what class does atenolol and carvedilol belong in? beta-adrenergic blockers (antihypertensive)
what class does amlodipine and diltiazem belong in? calcium channel blockers (antihypertensive)
what class does benazepril and enalapril belong in? Ace inhibitors (antihypertensive)
what class does losartan and olmesartan belong in? angiotensin receptor blockers (antihypertensive)
what type of meds are Plavix, Effient, and Brilinta? antiplatelet
what are finasteride, doxazosin and tadalafil used to treat? BPH
what are two meds that cause hyperkalemia? spironolactone, triamterene
what are two meds that cause hypokalemia? hydrochlorothiazide, metolazone
what is Allopurinol used to treat? chronic gout
what is Detrol, oxybutynin, and Vesicare used to treat? overactive bladder
What to tell patient's on Coumadin? keep diet of vitamin k steady, avoid grapefruit, and alcohol.
Instructions for taking Nitroglycerin? administered sublingual in either a tab or spray. If chest pain is not relieved with one dose within 5 min, EMS should be activated.
What does INR stand for? international normalized ratio
What is an INR used for? Along with PT, it is used for coagulation studies
what class is mupirocin in? antibacterial
what class is cyclosporine in? immunologic agent
what class is chlorhexidine in? antiseptics
what class is brimonidine in? alpha-agonists
what class is tretinoin in ? acne med ~ Retin-A
What are the five categories of diuretics? thiazides, loop diuretics, potassium sparing diuretics, osmotic agents, carbonic anhydrase inhibitors
What are a few conditions a patient would be on Coumadin? valve replacement, hip or knee replacement, stroke
what classes of drugs cause hyperkalemia? Ace inhibitors, potassium sparing
what classes of drugs cause hypokalemia? loop diuretics, diuretics
what is the abbreviation for hydrochloricthiazide? hctz
what drugs end in -sone? corticosteroids
what drugs end in -mycin? antibiotics
what drugs end in -zote? antifungal or PPI GERD
what drugs end in -vir? antiviral
what drugs end in -dine? h2 inhibitors GERD
what drugs end in -ride or -zide? antidiabetic
what drugs end in -olol? beta blockers (hypertension)
what drugs end in -pril? Ace inhibitors (hypertension)
what drugs end in -sartan? angiotension receptor blockers (hypertention)
what drugs end in -statin? antilipemic agents
what drugs end in -teride? antiandrogens (BPH)
what drugs end in -osin? alpha blockers (BPH)
what drugs end in -grel? antiplatelet
what to tell the patient with hypertension about diet? DASH diet, reduce sodium. Exercise
First diuretic usually prescribed? loop diuretic
do not use a beta blocker for a patient with a pulse under ___? 60
what is a side effect of statins/cholesterol meds? myalgia (in legs) and liver dysfunction
what test do they use for cholesterol? fasting lipid panel with LDL
what tests are done for liver checks? ALT, AST
what drugs end in -zosin? BPH
what drugs end in -mide? diuretics
what types of meds are held for procedures? anticoagulants, diuretics, insulin
what does ASA stand for? aspirin
T or F: some anticoagulants are reversible True
T or F: antibiotics do not affect Coumadin False, they lessen the effect
why should patients not take nitrates with PDE inhibitors? too many vasodilators-they lower BP. examples of PDE inhibitors are Viagra and Cialis
med that goes with a diggistalis preparation? digoxin
what class is nitroglycerin considered? vasodilator
what are nitrates used to treat? angina
what are diuretics used to treat? high BP and congestive heart failure
Thiazides are used for? edema
name a med used for an overactive bladder.. Detrol LA
beta blockers are used for what kinds of meds? antiarrhythmic, angina, and hypertension
when holding Coumadin for procedures, what med do they usually "bridge" with? Lovenox
what does a peak and trough level test show? the amount of a drug in the system
when is a trough level drawn? about a half hour before the next dose of a med is needed
when is a peak level drawn? about a half hour after a dose of the med is given
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