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vocab list 2


formality condition or quality of being formal; accordance with required or traditional rules,procedures (noun, plural) Sentence- There are degrees of formality that I think you should know about.
Malformed adjective-Badly or imperfectly formed: Mishappen Sentence- The frog was malformed when he was born.
Replenish Verb-to become full again-Sentence-We replenish our thirst with a can of Pabst.
Whim noun-an odd or capricious notion or desire-Sentence-Carl went on a whim to see that lady.
Eradicate Verb-to destroy or remove utterly-Sentence-To eradicate smallpox throughout the world.
Perforate Verb-to make a hole or holes through by boring, punching, piercing, or the like-Sentence-Carl perforated the wall when he got angry.
Modification Noun-a state of being modified;partial alteration-Sentence-We modified the woodsplitter.
Pliant Adjective-easily influenced;yielding to others-Sentence-He has a pliant nature.
Commodity Noun-an article or trade or commerce-Sentence-A commodity of old paper and ginger.
Mishap Noun-an unfortunate accident-Sentence-Four Fingers was a mishap.
ingot Noun-a mass of metal cast in a conveniet form for shaping remelting, or refining-Sentence-Wrought ingots from Besoara's mine.
outmolded Adjective-gone out of style-Sentence-Willard's clothes are outmolded.
unwieldy Adjective-not readily handled or managed-Sentence-The box was unwieldy heavy.
Directive Noun-an authoriative instruction or direction-Sentence-Jeffrey is very directive when he yells.
imprudent Adjective-lacking discretion-Sentence-That was a imprundent remark.
Created by: Welding
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