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formality noun; condition or quality of being formalThe formality of this meeting is rediculously high for our position.
malformed adjective; misshapenThe bracket is malformed beyond all possible repairs or modifications.
replenish verb; restockThe steel supply is low, so we must have it replenished as soon as possible.
whim noun; split second decisionThe supervisor let us out of work on a whim.
eradicate verb; to eliminate/destroyIn order to eradicate the insect infestion, we had to leave the house.
perforate verb; to put holes into somethingThe bracket needed to be perforated to allow proper ventilation.
modification noun; to make a change to somethingWe had to make some modifications to the engine in order to beat the competition.
pliant adjective; flexibleThe leaf springs must be pliant in order to absorb the shock of the road properly.
commodity noun; something for trade or commerceDue to the state of the economy, most commodities have gone up in price.
mishap noun; an unfortunate accidentDue to the mishap at work, the boss had to let us out of work early.
ingot noun; a bar of metal that is shaped into something elseWe used several iron ingots to make the sword of proper length.
outmoded adjective; something that is out of date/oldThat particular way of welding is, for the most part, an outmoded process
unwieldy adjective; something to big to wield properly/move efficientlyThe knight found the sword to be unwieldy for his fighting style.
directive adjective; to direct something/an order or instructionOur prime directive is to rescue the hostages and extract information from the terrorists.
imprudent adjective; incautions or not prudentHis imprudent behavior led to him getting expelled with a five-hundred dollar fine.
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