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PLHS Science 9 Unit2

Unit 2 Plate Tectonics

convergent boundary when two plates collide with each other
divergent boundary when two plates separate from each other
transform boundary when two plates slide past each other
density how much mass there is in a certain amount of space (D=m/v)
trench a steep sided depression in an ocean floor
Island Arc caused from two oceanic plates colliding, subducting and errupting magma
Volcano a vent in the earth's crust where magma and gas escape
earthquake a sudden, violent shaking of the ground caused by movement of rock within the earth
seismic waves an elastic wave in the earth produced by an earthquake
subduction zone the area where one plate is pulled under another
radioactive isotope an atom with an unstable nucleus, usually from having too many neutrons or protons
pangea a supercontinent comprised of all of today's continents
continental drift theory that continents once formed pangea and are now drifting furter apart
radiation transfer of energy in the form of particles or waves
conduction point by point transfer of energy through a medium
convection movement of gas or liquid where hotter, less dense materials rise and cooler, more dense materials sink
Convection current a current in a fluid caused by convection. hotter things rise and cooler things sink
asthenosphere a hot, semi-liquid zone on which tectonic plates float
lithosphere rigid outer layer of the earth broken up into tectonic plates
mid-ocean ridge a ridge in the ocean formed by divergent plates spreading apart and magma pushing through the rift
sonar a system for detecting objects under water by sending a pulse and waiting for it to come back
sea floor spreading new layers of oceanic crust formed by divergent plates when magma erupts through the ridges
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