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CSU Psych Disorders


Psychological Disorder condition of abnormal thoughts, behaviors, and feelings.
Psychopathology study of psychological disorders, including their symptoms
etiology causes of psychological disorders
atypical deviating from the norm
How many diagnosable disorders are there? 237
Supernatural force beyond scientific understanding
suicide death caused by intentional self directed injurious behavior
somatic delusion belief that something highly unusual is happening to ones body or internal organs
schizophrenia severe disorder characterized by major disurbances in thought, perception, emotion and behavior
What are some symptoms of Schizophrenia? hallucinations, delusions, disorganized thinking
What does PTSD stand for Posttraumatic stress disorder
paranoid delusion characterized by beliefs that others are out to harm them
what is a panic attack? period of extreme fear or discomfort that develops abruptly
what is the orbitofrontal cortex? area of frontal lobe involved in learning and decision making.
what is mania? state of extreme elation and agitation
what does it mean when someone has a comorbidity? when someone has a co-occurance of 2 disorders
what is a ventricle? one of the fluid-filled cavities within the brain
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