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Cause and Effect

Match the cause with the effect

Cause Effect
California is in the middle of a drought We must save water
The people of Jamestown were starving The people of Jamestown began eating each other
Elsa froze Arendelle Anna must go find her sister to unfreeze the city of Arendelle
Ms. Cobb dressed her dog Baxter up for Halloween Ms. Cobb's dog is annoyed
Students improved their lexile scores Students earned free dress for their entire grade
Students performed at 75% or higher on Achieve3000 Students improved their lexile scores
On October 2nd during Advisory, students were able to attend a Club Rush event Students joined many clubs
The settlers of Jamestown did not know how to farm The settlers of Jamestown starved to death
Rats carried the bubonic plague to European villages and cities Many people in Europe died a horrible death
American colonists were unhappy with England American colonists decided to become independent
European settlers claim land in North America Native Americans lose their land to European settlers
Ms. Cobb did not drink her morning coffee Ms. Cobb is tired for the whole day
Students followed their classroom rules and did their work Ms. Cobb was very happy and did not give any homework for the weekend
Spanish settlers arrive in South America Spanish settlers conquer the native people and kill thousands with disease or war
Ms. Cobb has two cups of coffee in the morning Ms. Cobb is awake and happy for the rest of the day
European protestants are searching for religious freedom and greater opportunity European protestants come to North America
Ms. Nutter likes Brutus more than Olive Ms. Nutter says Brutus is better in class every day
Tiana kisses a frog Tiana gets turned into a frog
The city is being attacked by a giant egg-man Wonder Woman must save the city
The settlers of Jamestown did not have enough water The settlers of Jamestown could not water any crops
American Colonists do not like King George American Colonists tear down a statue of England's King
Elsa and Anna's parents die Elsa becomes queen when she's old enough
Snow white bites the poison apple Snow white falls into a deep sleep
Created by: MsCobb
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