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Neuroanatomy II

The first 12 months

Conception to 8 weeks post conception= Embryo
8 weeks to Birth= Fetus
Birth to 22 Days= Neonate
22 Days to Walking= Infant
changes that occur across a lifespan; growth and maturation refers to? Development
Age-related process of change in motor behavior that occur across the lifespan refers to? Motor Development
Is motor development age-dependent? no
When referring to motor development, behavior is dependent on what? change
Change in size, form, and proportion is the definition for? Growth
Qualitative changes in the underlying neurological structures that enable individuals to function at a higher level refers to ? Maturation
Is maturation genetically pre-determined? yes
Process of acquiring a skill or knowledge is called? Learning
The maturational theory of development was proposed by? Darwin, Gesell, Bayley
The environmental theory of development was proposed by? Skinner
The interactional theory of development was proposed by? Piaget, McGraw
The life Span theory of development was proposed by? Van Sant
Nature vs. Nurture,All development follows a genetic blueprint,‘ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny’,and Development of the individual parallels the development of the species are all characteristics of which theory of development? Maturational theory
‘ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny’ was presented by which theorist? Darwin
Who theorized that motor development was controlled by genetics and environment had little influence? Gessell
Who is Credited with pioneering the concepts of developmental milestones and the domains, e.g. gross and fine motor, personal & social? Gessell
Who is th psychologist that said motor behavior is a ‘window’ of the mind that indicates intelligence? Bayley
genetics is a blueprint, environment is opportunity, and development occurs in a predicted order are characteristics of which theory of development? Environmental theory
Cognitive development is based on thought processes, Adaption, assimilation, and accommodation are components of which theory of development? Interactional theory
interpretation of new information on the past is? assimilation
adjusting behavior for the future is? accommodation
adjusting to demands of the environment is? Adaptation
Stages related but not caused by age, environment and maturational factors influence motor behavior...what theory does this describe? Life Span Theory
What is the time span during which there is head lag in pull to sit and the body begins to elongate out of physiological flexion in supine and prone? Birth to 3 months
What is the time span during which some primitive reflexes integrate, and they start so sit with protective extension forward? 4-6 months
What is the time span during which their hands come to midline, and they can now roll prone to supine and emerging supine to prone? 4-6 months
What is the time span during which they sit independently, commando crawl, and may be able to assume quadraped? 7-9 months
What is the time span during which an infant has increased its length by 50%, tripled in weight since birth, and prefers movement? 10-12 months
What is the time span during which sitting position is preffered? 10-12 months
What is the time span during which there is lots of variation with gross motor, and they can transition in and out of sitting with ease? 10-12 months
What is the time span during which they spend little time in prone or supine? 10-12 months
What is the time span during which they begin to stand briefly without support and pulls to stand using a half-kneel? 10-12 months
What is the time span during which they can pick up an object from the floor by holding on for support and can cruise? 10-12 months
What is the time span during which they walk with on or both hands held and can creep on hands and feet? 10-12 months
Created by: txst spr 2009
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