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Chapter 4 science test

When two or more elements join together chemically a ______ is formed. Compound
Elements join together to form ________ in a specific ____ ______ like H2O Compound, Mass Ration
________ and _________ are the best examples of ____ substances. Elements, Compound
If salt is mixed with a glass of water the salt is called a ______. Solute
_____ is a pure substance because its made up of ___ or more elements. H2SO4, 2
Salad dressing is a _______ because it is ___ made up of two or more pure substances. Mixture, NOT.
Elements are classified on the periodic table as _______, _________, and __________. Metals, Nonmetal, Metalloids.
The only way to break down a ________ is by ________ changes Compound, Chemical
_________ do not form after chemical physical changes. Compounds
_________, ___________, and ________ are _________ of elements. Boiling Point, Melting point, Density, Physical properties.
A _______ _______ does not depend on the amount of element. Characteristic Property
Reactivity with acid is not a ______ property of a _______. Physical, Compound.
_________ cant break down a compound because its not ________. Filtering, chemical.
Lemonade is a ________ because the particles of two or more substances are distribute evenly among each other Solution
When_______ form _______, the elements keep their properties because there was no ________ reaction. Elements, mixtures, chemical
_________ are pure substances because they cant be separated by _______ methods. Compounds, physical
_______ and ______ are similar because some of them are good conductors of electric currents. Metalloids, Metal
Crushing a sugar cube helps to ______ faster in _____. Dissolving, Water.
Salt can be dissolved in water because salt is _______. Soluble
When you make chocolate milk, milk is the _______ because it is the liquid doing the dissolving. Solvent
An aluminum pan is considered an________ because it is made up of just aluminum and not any other element mixed together. Element
When you make a _______ the liquid is considered the ______ because you have more of the liquid. Mixture, Solvent
In a _________ mixture (Chex mix) the substances are not evenly distributed and can be identified. Heterogeneous
A ______ gives each element its own unique identity. Proton
A ___ ____ is brittle, dull and poor conductors of heat and electricity. Non-metal
A _____ is not a pure substance. Mixture.
When a ________ will not dissolve anymore of a substance if it is saturated. Solution
A _______ is used by doctors and nurses to separate a ______ of blood. Centrifuge, mixture.
_______ can be made of solids, liquids, and gas. Mixtures
A ________ that contains a large amount of ______ is concentrated. Solution, Solute.
Decreasing the temperature will not increase the rate at which solids ______ Dissolves
_______ ______ is the most soluble at lower temperatures than at higher temperatures because on the _______ curve at the temperature goes up the solubility goes down Cerium Sulfate, Solubility
Created by: Easy80