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226 - 250 drugs

226 ELOXATIN oxaliplatin adjuvant treatment for stage 3 colon cancer, antineoplastic agent, I V
227 ALIMTA pemetrexed for malignant pleural mesothelioma, antifolate antineoplastic agent to decrease tumor cell growth, I V
228 ISENTRESS raltegravir HIv 1 integrase strand transfer blocker, oral
229 ROCEPHIN ceftriaxone to reduce development of drug resistant bacteria, cephalosporin, I v & I M, [Epicephin, Arixon, & Elcefrin]
230 KEFZOL cefazolin cephalosporin antibiotic, IV, binds to penicillin proteins, Anacef, Zolicef, etc.
231 CEFTIN cefuroxime cephalosporin antibiotic, oral, I V, susp, [Zanacef, Turbocef]
232 PRADAXA dabigatranetexilate for stroke and systemic embolism prevention, oral, anticoagulant, Prazaxa
233 CUBICIN daptomycin lipopeptide antibiotic for fatal infection, I V
234 PREZISTA darunavir protease blocker for HIV prevention, oral & susp
235 ATRIPLA efavirenz/emitricitabine/tenofovir antiviral combo for slowing HIV growth, oral, Viraday
236 NEUPOGEN filgrastim a G-CSF, hematopoietic agent for chemo patients to decrease infection risks, I V
237 HEPARIN blood thinner for blood clots, I V, I M, and SC
239 HUMIRA adalimumab rheumatoid arthritis, juvenileidio pathic arthritis, Crohn disease, ulcerative colitis, inflammation, I V, Exemptin
240 CORDARONE amiodarone for arrhythmia, oral & I V, Nexterone.
241 AMPICTAM ampicillin/sulbactam antibiotic for bacteria, I V, Unasyn
242 VELCADE bortezomib antineoplastic (chemo) for cancer cells, I V & S C
243 SYMBICORT budesimide/formoterol corticosteroid for COPD, inhaler
244 XELODA capecitabine antimetabolite for cancer, oral
245 GRAVOL Dramamine antihistamine & anticholinergic for nausea & dizzyness, for motion sickness, oral, I V, & supp, antiemetic stimulant
246 COLACE docusate sodium for constipation, oral
247 IMODIUM AD loperamide antidiarrheal to slow digestion, oral, [Lomotil, Lopex]
248 LOMOTIL diphenoxylate HCl & atropine sulfate or co-phenotrope an antidiarrheal and anticholinergic combination, slows down intestinal movement, can ease symptoms of opiate/opioid withdrawal, oral, CV, [Lonox]
249 FAMVIR antiviral for herpes, oral
250 LINZESS linaclotide increases chloride & water in the intestines, peptide agonist of guanylate cyclase 2C, oral, Constella
238 ARIMIDEX anastrozole a aromatase inhibitor, used for hormone receptor-positive breast cancer for cancer prevention, oral, [Brutrax, Armotraz, Kyaresta]