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World Geography

Middle East Part II - History, Religion, and Culture

Where did the first settlers farm? around rivers
What were the first settlers the first to do? domesticate animals
What did the first settlers do before they started farming? hunt and gather
Where did the Sumerians settle? between the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers
What are the 2 major contributions of the Sumerians? irrigation and cuneiform
What is the time period of the Sumerians? 4000 BC
The area of the Sumerians is in modern day Iraq. What was it called in the past? Mesopotamia
What is writing on clay tablets called? cuneiform
Who invented hieroglyphics? Egyptians
Who invented the alphabet where letters tood for sounds? Phoenicians
Who was responsible for the pyramids? Egyptians
Where did the Phoenicians settle? Mediterranean East Coast near present day Israel
What was the time period of the Egyptians? 3000 BC
Where did the Egyptians settle? Nile River Valley
What is the time period of the Persian Empire? 500 B.C.
What is a qanat? underground irrigation canal
Who built qanats? Persians
What is belief in one god? monotheism
Which religion has God called Allah? Islam
Which religion has covenant with God? Judaism
Which person made the covenant with God? Abraham
What is a follower of Islam called? Muslim
What is a follower of Judaism called? Jew
Where do Muslims worship? mosque
Were do Jews worship? synagogue
Which religion is based on Jesus of Nazareth? Christianity
Who crucified Jesus? Romans
Which religion believes that Moses and Jesus were lesser prophets? Islam
Which religion has the Old Testament of the Bible as the holy book? Judaism
In Judaism, what is God called? Yahweh
Which religion was founded when Muhammad saw an angel? Islam
Which religious followers lived in Israel? Jews
Who gave followers of Judaism the Laws to live by? Moses
Which 2 sons are the basis of the conflict between Jews and Muslims? Ismael and Isaac
Which son is the ancestor of the Jews? Isaac
Which son is the ancesor of the Muslims? Ishmael
What is the battle between the sons of Abraham about? the land of Canaan (Israel)
What is the holy city of the Muslims? Mecca
When do Muslims fast (what month)? Ramadan
One of the 5 Pillars of Islam is that Muslims must give ____ to the poor (alms). charity
One of the 5 Pillars of Islam is that Muslims must pray 5 times dailing facing _____. Mecca
One of the 5 Pillars of Islam is that Muslims must make a pilgrimage to ___ once in a lifetime. Mecca
What is the dominant religion of the region? Muslim
What are the 2 divisions of Muslims? Sunni and Shiite
Which language is used in the Koran? Arabic
What is a desert nomad? bedouin
Countries with economies based on ____ and ___have the highest standards of living. oil and manufacturing
Unsuitable land for farming, high population growths, and sparse fishing causes ______ food shortages
What are 3 sources of water? underground supplies, 3 major rivers, desalination
What is removing salt from salt water called? desalination
Which countries use desalination? only the oil rich countries
What's the problem with desalination? very expensive
Created by: bonniebyland