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Police Agencies

Law Enforcement Agencies

Police chief term of office Indefinite
Sheriff's term of office 4 years
Size of "average" police department 2 to 4 officers
Rank of Top Management Chief or Sheriff
Rank of Middle Management Captain and Major
Rank of First Line Supervisor Sergeant and Liutenant
Determines Policy Top Management
Activates department policy Middle management
Oversees the work of line officers First Line Supervisor
Example of Municipal police agency Lexington Police DepartmentColumbia Police Department
Example of Sheriff's Department Lexington County Sheriff's Department
How does the Sheriff get his/her job Elected by the people
How does the police chief get his/her job Appointed by the city council and mayor
Investigates counterfeit money Secret Service
Oldest Federal law enforcement agency U. S. Marshal
Newest federal law enforcement agency Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA)
Head of the Department of Justice Attorney General
Head of the Department of Treasury Secretary of the Treasury
Head of the Department of Homeland Security Secretary of Homeland Security
Training academy for most federal agencies Federal Law Enforcement Training Center
In what city is the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center? Glencoe, Georgia
Runs the N. C. I. C. program Federal Bureau of Investigations
Which federal agency is considered a part of the military Coast Guard
Only agency in the Treasury Department Internal Revenue Service (IRS)
Provides security at airports Transportation Security Administration (TSA)
Enforces Wildlife laws in South Carolina Department of Natural Resources
Enforces Highway laws in South Carolina Highway Patrol
Enforce Commercial vehicle traffic law Transport Police
Education Requirement in South Carolina for state and local agency High School diploma
Provides investigative assistance to other agencies South Carolina Law Enforcement Division
Minimum age to be a police officer in S.C. 21
Federal agency that works for the Post office. Postal inspector
Automatically disqualifies you for ANY law enforcement job. Lying on the application
Enforces "voluntary compliance with the tax law" Internal Revenue Services
Patrols the U. S. Border for illegal aliens Border Patrol
Regulates who and what comes into the U. S. Customs and Border Protection
Enforces Federal Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearm laws Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms
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